How Healthy Are Australians? An Insight Into Their Health & Lifestyle
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How Healthy Are Australians? An Insight Into Their Health & Lifestyle

How Healthy Are Australians? An Insight Into Their Health & Lifestyle

With the highest life expectancy in the world, Australia is a leader in the world for health and wellness. Australia is considered to be one of the healthiest countries for many reasons not just its life expectancy for its citizens or even low birth-death ratio.  

They are also considered to have the lowest disability rates and illness statistics across the globe. The average life expectancy is anywhere between 80-85 years for an otherwise healthy individual.  

A disability is considered to be something that prohibits a person from being able to function solely and live to their best advantage, in Australia it is uncommon for most of its citizens to become disabled until the age of 65. Different disabilities such as blindness, deafness, coronary heart disease, and other mobility problems have seen a steady decline since the early 2000s.  

Eating Healthy and Organic 

Unlike many first world countries, Australia is one to promote plant-based diets as well as eating more legumes. This can be one of the reasons why they see less obesity and heart problems than other countries since vegetables are a high source of fibre and crucial vitamins needed to fuel the body with energy and other sources meant to fight disease and illness.  

Because they are plant-based they also see a decline in mental health problems across the country since plants are a good source of vitamins that prevent severe depression and anxiety. Australian farmers and markets also try to limit the amount of sodium and sugar they put into their foods.  

Health Insurance  

Australia has one of the best health coverage plans on the globe since the citizens pay 2% for it through taxes the government has been able to subsidize it for all its citizens so that they can see doctors regularly and get the health care they need. Although government healthcare program accounts for the largest part of It there are also private healthcare options and also volunteer clinics people can see for free.  

The access its citizens have to health care means that you can see a doctor quickly rather than waiting weeks to get medication and other medical care you may need. The Australian health cover offers a healthcare plan that all people can sign up for and use at almost any office and hospital in Australia. Regardless of where you live you can guarantee that you are covered. Knowing alone that you have medical care gives Australians the ease of knowing that they are taken care of. 

Exercise and Wellness in Australia 

Many Australians tribute their wellness to the fact that they have farm fresh produce year-round due to the perfect climate they have which offers them year-round farming and fishing since they are surrounded by water and open land to do so. Others contribute it to the fact that they spend more time outdoors than other countries also in thanks to their climate, Australians like to play outdoor sports and spend their holidays at parks and other outdoor vaccinates that give them the opportunity to hike, run and play.  

Not only do they exercise and spend more time outside but their snacking is a lot healthier too. You are more likely to find nuts and fresh fruits inside convince stores rather than processed candies and packaged food. So what exactly is Australia doing to be so healthy?  




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