How to Create Custom Event Badges
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How to Create Custom Event Badges

How to Create Custom Event Badges

Your event is ready, tickets sold, and the big day is coming ever closer!

80% of visitors say they would buy products or services after interacting at a conference. So everything, from the booth to the promo gifts to the event name badges, has to be perfect.

Whether it’s for the VIP section, for the press or for regular attendees, to keep track, it’s crucial to hand out event name badges.

But how can you create event badges that not only promote your brand but look attractive to wear? And how can you do it on a budget without compromising style? Read on for the low down.

The Price is Right

Paying promo companies for custom event badges can be an expensive ordeal. Instead of splashing the cash on an item that they might throw away straight after the conference, try DIY.

Use an online ID card maker app to create inexpensive event name badges. And just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean the quality has to suffer.

Various Shapes and Sizes

Size matters when it comes to conference badges. The standard sizes are usually either 8×10 cm or 10.5 x 14.85 cm. They are usually rectangular, but you could try something out of the box, such as circular or hexagon.

You can choose any shape or size you prefer. But if you’re using a standard lanyard or plastic holder you will need to fit it accordingly.

Master of Materials

When planning conference badges it’s important to choose the right material. If it’s too flimsy it’ll break apart before the end of the day. But if it’s too heavy-duty, it will increase your expenses significantly.

Some options include:

  • Stickers
  • Cardstock
  • Glossy Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal

But whatever event badge material you choose, make sure it will fit in the plastic holder if that’s what you choose!

What’s in a Name Badge?

What goes on an event badge? Well, the guests name, of course!

There is also additional information to add, such as job titles, the company name, and the logo. Adding the companies logo is essential to spreading brand awareness.

But don’t go overboard. Conference badges only have limited space and you don’t want to overfill the card so that it is hard to read. Keep it minimal, clear, and uncluttered.

Design 411

How well you design your custom event badges will determine whether they throw it in the trash or not. A “blah” design has trash written all over it. So keep these design tips in mind when designing fun name tags:

  • Pick a theme that complements your brand

  • Choose a layout that is simple yet displays all the needed information

  • Personalize the card with images, graphics, and the companies logo

  • Use bold typefaces that are easy to read

  • Make sure the most important information is the easiest to see. For example, the attendee’s name!

And whatever design you choose for your event name badges, stick to your branding.

Event Badges Worth Keeping

It’s clear to see that making your own event badges is an easier task than you thought. Going DIY will not only save you your dollar, but you can design it in ANY way you like. And if you get it right, it will be a souvenir worth keeping.

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