Realistic Tips to Get More Likes for your Instagram Posts
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Realistic Tips to Get More Likes for your Instagram Posts

Realistic Tips to Get More Likes for your Instagram Posts

Is there any marketer who doesn’t want to be liked a billion times on Instagram? Yes, it could be a real booster of self-esteem if you see people like you that way. In fact, Instagram had grown that big overtime with billions of users across the globe access this platform on a daily basis. Instagram is also the numero uno social media platform with a steady 5% growth every quarter, in fact, greater than that of Facebook now.

Primarily, Instagram is an image and video sharing social networking platform for individual users and business brands. Users post about 95 million photos or videos on a daily basis.

Instagram for business

It is estimated that the ad revenues of Instagram may grow close to 10.87 billion dollars in 2019, which will be a 37.7% growth compared to the 2017 figures. There are competitors like Snapchat, but that is aiming at a more matured market with users having broad and high-end mobile phones and more friendly to the millennials. However, Instagram now attracts people of all age including the emerging markets; however, most of the Instagram users are between 18-30 years.

Instagram likes

Like on any other social media platform, you can click on the ‘like’ icon for what you see out there. These ‘likes’ matters a lot as they are often considered as establishing the first connection between a brand and a follower for the Instagram marketers. It makes it easy for any random person to appreciate your content. Unlike Facebook, the ‘like’ icon on Instagram is in the shape of a heart. Now, let’s explore ways to накрутка лайков инстаграм social media marketers can rely on to get more traffic for posts.

Share only high-quality images.

When it comes to marketing, preparation of top quality content is important, which requires intensive planning and groundwork. This is the only way to make more viewers click on that little heart. Some tips are:

  • Plan your colors. You have to do it well aligned with your logo, brand theme, and color panel. However, a general study had shown that blue pictures tend to get about 24% more free Instagram likes compared to the red.

  • Single color versus multi-color images also found to increase the numbers of likes by about 17%.

  • Choose appropriate filters. It is important to choose the filters thoughtfully and artistically. Filters help increase the correct exposure, contrast, and a warmer tone to create the best impression. You can effectively use the Instagram editing tools also over the other pre-programmed filtering options.

Instagram offers various tools for content preparation as:

  • Boomerang, which helps to create video loops.

  • Focus which help blur the background and keep faces on focus.

  • Superzoom can be used to zoom automatically while playing sound.

Always try to do varied postings and keep it unique and simple as possible. Apart from post content, consider effective use of hashtags also which will give enough exposure to your postings on specific topics.


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