The 6 Most Common Instagram Marketing Myths for Startups
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The 6 Most Common Instagram Marketing Myths for Startups

The 6 Most Common Instagram Marketing Myths for Startups

Most likely, your startup made these mistakes when it came to marketing. There are a lot of difficulties – the brand is still unrecognizable, or it may still not be formed, there is little profit, and capital is limited. Moreover, you most likely do not have a marketing department and you do everything yourself.

With such conditions, it is not surprising that marketing on Instagram has become the main tool for attracting customers and maintaining reputation, because it is a legitimate, inexpensive and effective promotion tool. However, there are several misconceptions about him. Here are the six most common entrepreneurs:

1. It’s free

This is the first marketing myth to get rid of. To create a corporate or personal Instagram account you don’t need money. You can not use paid advertising and do not need to pay for something. But this does not mean that marketing on Instagram is free. You have to spend a lot of time, most of which is on analysis and market research if you want to succeed. These are dozens, if not hundreds of hours, and, as they say, time is money.

2. All platforms are good.

When entrepreneurs decide to start a social media marketing campaign, the first thing they do is create accounts wherever possible. This is not the worst idea – having your company’s page everywhere will be a good defensive strategy that will improve your position in search results and recommendations.

However, a very small number of brands fit all social. media Instead of scattering your attention, energy and money, focus on two or three social services. media that is most similar to demographics and promotion strategies.

3. It is immeasurable

For a long time, it was believed that the benefits of using Instagram are something that goes without saying, but there is someone who still thinks so. Even those who regularly practice in this field of marketing tend to believe that effectiveness, in terms of reputation and increasing popularity, cannot be measured.

Everything is certainly not so simple, and those who want to be successful, measure and evaluate the results of actions. Likes, reposts, comments and reviews – these are the indicators worthy of attention. However, the real value of your advertising campaign will be in the number of conversions of users into a purchase.

4. The audience will dial by itself.

The most frequent advice on content marketing and cmm is “create high-quality material” and the rest will come naturally. In the minds of these people, the scheme is simple – thanks to good content, the distribution is going on and people subscribe, but, unfortunately, this is not very practical and often does not work.

In life, even great content appears in a vacuum. And in order to be appreciated by people, the content needs to be promoted and already, then they will share it, and distribute it on their own. Remember, you are responsible for the first push.

5. The more Instagram likes and followers you are successful

Above mentioned obvious metrics to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign – including likes. However, do not put the main goal to get more Instagram likes or number of followers. The fact that someone is following you does not mean that he or she is necessarily interested in buying or even in your brand.

Instead, pay attention to more meaningful actions, such as clicks to your site and behavior on it. How high-quality your followers can be told by how often they interact with you and with your content. One keen, loyal follower costs more than 10 or even 100 apathetic ones, so ignore the numbers.

6. This is a separate strategy.

“Marketing on Instagram” is often referred to as a separate marketing strategy. In a sense, this is true, because there are practices here and it can technically exist without any other marketing campaign. However, marketing in the social. Networks work best in combination with other similar strategies, such as content marketing, SEO and personal branding.

These peripheral strategies will help support the strategy directly in networks, increase coverage and efficiency. Use them if you want the highest possible profitability.

None of these myths supports the idea that social networks are not worth attention; on the contrary, they are economically justified and effective, which is a big plus for promoting startups. If you want to do it as best you can, you need to know what you are getting involved in and avoid these common patterns of thinking.

Do your analysis of the market, detailed analysis of groups, make valuable partnerships and develop marketing in social networks, as practical as possible and without prejudice, so you will find success.


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