How To Take Care Of Your Smartphone
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How To Take Care Of Your Smartphone

How To Take Care Of Your Smartphone

A smartphone is not an inexpensive gadget. When you buy one, you at least expect it to work for a few years without problems. For people with budget considerations or college students, it might not be possible to buy newer models of smartphones with every new release. But if you take care of your smartphone, you can ensure it performs well and lasts longer until you can buy a new one.

Here are some tips you can use to keep your smartphone in top working condition.

  • Protect your smartphone from breaking by using a screen protector. You can buy a case with a fancy design that will not only look good but also protect your phone if it falls. You can select from synthetic leather cases to ones made from polycarbonate. Many cases are now also available in materials such as fabric, wool and metal. You can also do your research before buying a case from trusted gadget websites such as Gadget Gestures.
  • Refrain from exposing your smartphone in extreme temperatures. If it is very cold outside and you wish to go skiing, it might be prudent to leave your phone behind in your room. Smartphone screens are manufactured using glass, which can shatter in extreme cold. Excessive heat may drain your smartphone battery quicker. Frequent exposure to extreme heat can impact your battery performance.
  • Protect your phone from viruses by installing antivirus software in your phone. You can also choose a good antimalware app available to download from phone manufacturers. A virus or malware attack can impact the performance of your phone.
  • You may be tempted to download many apps on your phone. But too many apps can also slow the performance of your phone. Before you think your new smartphone requires replacement, a good idea is to remove obsolete or unused apps. You can also keep reviewing your app list and replace the ones with better new applications. There are many apps for smartphones that enhance their usability. Install new apps that can keep your smartphone running well and not slow its performance.
  • Protect your phone from dust and water. Even if your phone is resistant to these elements, regular cleaning them with a soft cloth or tissue ensures that it is safe. A regular practice of cleaning your phone also helps to protect it from scratches. Keep your phone a bit away if not more when eating to protect it from spillage.
  • Poor battery performance is one of the main reasons you may need to replace your current phone sooner than you would like. Overtime battery performance of any phone can become poor. But you can prolong its life by taking certain measures. Make sure you recharge your phone when battery charge is at about 20 percent. When you frequently forget to charge your phone before it completely drains away, you are actually affecting its performance as it can begin to lose its charge-holding capacity. Also, refrain from using your phone when it is charging.


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