What Is SD WAN and Why Should You Use It?

What Is SD WAN and Why Should You Use It?

What Is SD WAN and Why Should You Use It?

Now that’s a fair question to ask but just wait till you find out about the benefits! A Wide Area Network (WAN) as you might already know is a private telecommunications network, distributed geographically in order to connect several Local Area Networks (LAN), usually with a help of a router or such similar multifunction device. So, what is SD WAN? A WAN with a software edge to it. Unlike regular WANs, this software defined WANs can assist you with massive resource sharing and immense cost cutting.

Isn’t that reason enough? But it’s okay if you aren’t convinced already. This article focuses on 3 solid reasons why should be switching to SD WAN already. But before we move on to that, let’s take a quick look at branch network challenges faced by organizations today. If you can relate to them, you know it’s time to do things differently and SD WAN might be just the thing you are looking for!

Common Branch Network Challenges (And How You Can Address Them?)

Technology was supposed to make life easier but that’s not always the case. The hair-pinning of branch WAN traffic through datacentre reduces the performance of cloud application. And, providing new application for branch use may prove to be IT intensive and may call for a lot of re-configurations. And we all know how a complicated network architecture can make life difficult for you. To top the problem of branch complexity (to which the traditional WAN does not cater to effectively) you also have the burgeoning issue of expensive bandwidth. Having to extend bandwidth to the new and existing branches of your organisation can be both time-consuming and expenditure intensive.

What can you do to make things better? Switch to SD WAN and reap the benefits. Here are a few ways in which opting for SD WAN can make life lot less complicated as far as your branch network is concerned. SD WAN comprises of a transformational approach and was devised to simplify how branch office networking functions and to ensure maximum application performance.

3 Ways in Which You Can Benefit from SD WAN

Cost Reduction- Isn’t it one of the goals an organisation is constantly pinning for? With SD WAN, you can deliver hybrid WAN with ease to your office branches and also cut down hardware delivery costs by choosing from the right deployment options.

Simplification of Branch Network– We can imagine what a blessing this one will be! SD WAN comes with simplified configuration, automated, zero-touch deployment, and an enduring monitoring process with centralised troubl-shooting tools, all of which cater to one purpose: simplification of branch network.

Increased Branch Agility– Yes, now that is something you can look forward to. SD WAN enables multiple devices, links and services to co-exist and inter-operate with binding solutions which work to provide increased agility to the organizational branches.

Now that you have made yourself familiar with all the amazing benefits of SD WAN, it’s time to make the switch. So, go on then! What are you waiting for!


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