5 Steps to Effectively Use Panic Alarms
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5 Steps to Effectively Use Panic Alarms

5 Steps to Effectively Use Panic Alarms

Panic alarms. We’ve all heard of them and even tried to use them. However, keeping in mind the major benefits that these devices have, using them in the right way can elevate these benefits. If you’re concerned about the safety of your work environment, panic alarms may help resolve that. Almost every day, we hear cases of crimes that take place in workplaces all over the globe. So, in order to find the perfect panic alarm and ways to use it, here are five steps of assistance.

Find the Exact Need

Before going the extra mile and purchasing a panic button system, you must analyze the needs of your workplace. The most important part of this is finding the locations where the buttons would be placed. This is because you need to know your problem areas or where exactly you think issues can occur. Although crimes can occur in any location within the premises, it is important to take relevant action in places where you think are most crucial. For example, when it comes to mobile transmitter devices, you can place systems only on the basis of whether the employees present will need it or not.

Base It on Your Needs

Now that you’ve analyzed where exactly you’d want to place the panic alarm, it is now time to find one based on your workplace scenario. There are different types of workplaces that have different vibes to them. Based on this, one must find the perfect alarm system. The mobile duress systems is effective especially for healthcare institutions such as hospitals. Although there are various options for alarms available in the market, you must choose one that suits potential emergencies that could occur within your workplace. For example, in the case of an emergency, an employee’s location can be determined in order to avail help.

Have Someone In charge

When it comes to putting the panic alarm system into action, there needs to be one employee that is responsible for its proper functioning every day. This individual may be called an integration partner. Why is an integrator needed you may ask? Well for instance, panic alarms can get complicated at times and you’d probably need someone who has a know-how about EMD devices. Whether it’s the installation procedure or the overall maintenance, the integrator would use his/her experience in order to ensure the proper usage of the device. When hiring someone for the position, make sure to choose an individual that would be willing to collaborate with the security team to select what’s best for the workspace.

Implementation Is Key

Before beginning the real installation, procedure there are some final surveyal steps to be done. For this, you can work with your team of employees to create the perfect implementation plan. This is important and although it might sound unnecessary, it can save a lot of trouble in the future. Having a pre-analyzation for the installation can prevent any disruptions that might happen to the rest of the staff. This plan makes them aware way in advance so as to ensure their safety and convenience. A way in which the implementation can do about is by conducting surveys and determining the requirements beforehand.

Conduct Mock Drills

It is important to train your staff with the functioning of the alarm so as to prevent any last minute mishaps. Brief them about the device and it’s working. After they are made aware of the system and its location you can conduct a few mock drills. This can be done a few days after the final installation is complete. This is to not only familiarize the staff with the panic button/alarm but it is to also prepare them for any real-life criminal scenarios that may happen. Make sure to have authorities present so as to correct any wrong actions.