Downloading Netflix Movies Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Downloading Netflix Movies Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Downloading Netflix Movies Using Movavi Screen Recorder

As you may have heard it is now possible to download Netflix movies so that you can watch them offline. While that may sound great, you should know that there are still several caveats – most notably the fact that it will only work with certain titles, and on mobile devices that are running the latest version of their app.

If you’re looking for a more universal way to download Netflix movies and possibly even save them on your PC then you’ll need to find some other method. Of the options available, using Movavi Screen Recorder is probably the easiest.

Simply put Movavi Screen Recorder will let you record any Netflix movie while it is playing on your screen so that you can then save it. If you haven’t used a screen recorder in the past that may sound complicated, but it really isn’t all that difficult.

Assuming you already know which Netflix video you want to download, start by loading it – but don’t play it just yet. Instead, launch Movavi Screen Recorder and draw a frame encompassing the video using your mouse cursor or click somewhere then select a preset under ‘Capture Area’.

In Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface you should also check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted, so that the audio from the Netflix movie is recorded. If you would rather not have to manually control the recording, click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon and schedule a start and stop time to automate it.

Downloading Netflix Movies Using Movavi Screen Recorder

When you’re ready, click ‘REC’ to start recording and play the Netflix movie at the same time. The on-screen controls will let you cancel, pause or stop the recording – and when you do click ‘Stop’, Movavi Screen Recorder will automatically save the video in MKV format.

Once the recording is done, a preview screen will also appear so you can go over the video footage that was recorded and trim out any unwanted parts that you would like to discard. Additionally at this point you can click ‘Save As’ and select a different format if you prefer an alternative to MKV.

That is really all that is involved in downloading Netflix movies using Movavi Screen Recorder. If you wish you could explore its other features as well, and use them to adjust the sound levels, frame rate, capture keyboard and mouse actions, and so on.

As you can see Movavi Screen Recorder will provide you with an easy way to download Netflix movies – or any other video content for that matter. Suffice to say you will be able to save anything on your screen with its help, including online streaming videos, Skype calls, live webinars, and so on.


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