Electronic Visitor Management System Vs. Manual Log Book

Why Is An Electronic Visitor Management System Better Than Manual Log Book

Electronic Visitor Management System Vs. Manual Log Book

Despite great technological improvements and advancements, many institutions with a lot of visitor traffic still use the old method of keeping records of their visitors. They often prefer a manual log book that has been in use for decades. The modern visitor management systems are fast replacing these conventional and inferior systems because of their great benefits. Organizations that have already switched to the new visitor management systems are seeing the benefits of using them now. They are operating fast, serving their visitors without making queues and providing a sense of security to everyone within the building.

The Old Method

The old methods were not bad in their times, but they can’t fit the modern security requirements. Today’s visitor management system is not just a database to record the time at which visitors are coming and leaving. They are designed specifically with security needs of the modern world in mind. With the old log keeping system everything was done manually. When things are done manually, they take time. As a result, you see people standing in queues. This is an annoying experience for the visitors. On top of that, they take a very negative image of a place that makes them wait like this.

Electronic Visitor Management System Vs. Manual Log Book

In addition to this, the old system did not offer any security. Even if it did, it was nothing compared to the security provided by modern systems. A person standing at the front desk had to call the person to tell him/her that someone had come to meet them. Now, the person on the phone could never know if the person coming to meet them is really the person who he/she claims to be. Moreover, the front desk officer never had any way to check if the person in the building was a criminal or someone wanted.

The biggest problem with the old system was that it could be very easily exploited. A visitor would enter the desired area of the building and pretend to accidentally take the visitor pass with them. They will then use this pass to make an illegal entry into the building at a later time. With modern systems that’s not possible.

The Modern Visitor Management System

Here are some mentionable advantages of the modern visitor management systems:

  • The whole process is many times faster than the manual system. This keeps your lobby from being overcrowded only because of the slowness of the system.
  • Visitor management system screens the information of a visitor within seconds with publicly available records and other reliable databases to check that the visitor is a “clean” person who can be allowed to enter the building.
  • Modern VMS can be integrated with the security systems that are mostly installed in the buildings already.
  • Notifications of arriving visitors can be sent to the desired person through SMS, email, screen popup, etc.
  • The badge and visitor pass system is more foolproof and makes the possibility of exploitation nearly impossible.
  • Appointments can be arranged through online portals. Pre-registration is possible.
  • Repeating visitors are checked even faster.

There are many other additional benefits of visitor management systems that can be found by visiting a vendor’s website.


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