4 Advantages of Using a Managed Printing Service

4 Advantages of Using a Managed Printing Service

4 Advantages of Using a Managed Printing Service

If your business often has tons of printing needs, and your office is unable to keep with the huge volume, then it may be time for you to look into Managed Printing Services (MPS). Such services take care of all your printing requirements, thereby helping you get rid of the headaches associated with managing the printing activities within the office. Below, we list out four potential benefits your business can enjoy by adopting such services.

Cut Down Printing Costs

The biggest benefit of an MPS is that it saves you money. If you manage the printing in-house, you will have to buy the printers, purchase the ink cartridges, get the printing papers, do regular maintenance and so on. And these costs can get out of control very soon, making your business spend an unreasonable amount of money on printing. But with an MPS, this can be resolved. These services usually charge you only on a ‘per printed page’ basis. As such, you don’t have to worry about any other costs. Just decide on how many pages you want to get printed, multiply it by the ‘per printed page’ rate, and you will get the total printing cost.

Easy Scalability

MPS is a good way to add scalability to your printing needs. If you keep the printing activities within your office premises, and suddenly a large printing requirement comes in, then you may not be able to print so many pages since you only have few printers and cartridges. But with MPS, you only have to send in a request to print a large number of pages, and the service will easily get it done without any issues.

Higher Productivity

An MPS can also help you increase the overall productivity of your business. If a printer in your office breaks down, then you will be stuck with repairing it. And if you can’t, then you will have to call in an expert and wait till they repair the machine. Only then can you start printing again. And if the expert is unable to resolve the issue immediately, then you will have to spend even more time going out to printing shops. Such delays and costs can add up to a big amount. It is estimated that printing related issues result in a loss of about EUR 17000 per year for European businesses. Such wastage of time and money can be avoided if you choose to use a Managed Printing Service.

Environment Friendly

Is your business strict on being environmentally friendly?  If so, opting for an MPS can be one of the best things your business can do. These services consume less amount of paper for printing when compared to an average office where the employees usually waste too many papers for printing. In addition, an MPS will also be more careful while disposing the toners.

So, try out a Managed Printing Service and experience the difference yourself. And if you need to know how your business can benefit from an MPS in more detail, get in touch with Xeretec the business print experts. With their experience and excellent track record of managing large volumes of printing needs of various clients, Xeretec is sure to come up with a customized printing solution that is beneficial for your business.


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