Which Is Best, Windows 10 or iOS?
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Which Is Best, Windows 10 or iOS?

Which Is Best, Windows 10 or iOS?

If you are considering buying a new computer or tablet, you may be wondering what the best operating system is, Windows 10 from Microsoft or iOS from Apple? They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a closer look and see which would be best for you.

The Pros and Cons of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the better of the two where productivity and serious work is concerned if you are buying a PC or laptop. If you have to spend a lot of time browsing the web, Windows 10 works with more platforms. Programs like Photoshop that you might need full desktop access for will be easier to use than with iOS.

Microsoft originally built windows for desktops, and although since Windows 8 you have been able to use it on tablets, it feels a bit like the desktop version squeezed into a smaller space. There are not so many apps available as you would have with iOS.

You can read more about Windows 10 in various different places, and you will also find the news items about Microsoft withdrawing the Windows smartphone. Windows 10 will still be available for other mobile devices such as tablets.

The Pros and Cons of iOS

Apple approached iOS from a mobile point of view, and it does work most efficiently on Apple devices. It is geared towards touchscreens and apps and is the better of the two if you are looking at smartphones or tablets. In recent years there have been some iOS developments especially for iPads including a split screen so that you can run two apps side by side. This helps to make an iPad as usable as the iMac. You also have the advantage of iTunes and access to the iCloud Drive.

One of the main disadvantages of iOS is the cost of the devices, and the repair costs if you damage them. It is not as flexible as Windows 10 in that it only supports iOS devices, and you have to pay for more of the apps.

Which Is Best for You?

Which will be the best for you is down to several things. On mobile devices iOS wins, but for PCs and laptops, Windows 10 is out in front. However, there is more to choosing which is the best than what device you will be using.

Both of these operating systems provide a slick and secure computing experience and much of which one you decide on can be down to what you are already used to. They are very different, and some of us do not like change. If you have never had a PC or mobile device, the choice is very simple, and although it is said that once you have had an iPhone you will not have any other type of smartphone, Windows 10 has the same effect with PC users.

If you decide to go in the Apple or the Microsoft direction, making sure all your devices are on the same operating system is sensible, as then they will be compatible with each other.