Common Problems and Solutions for Windows 8

Common Problems and Solutions for Windows 8

Common Problems and Solutions for Windows 8

With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft made a lot of changes to its beloved operating system. In fact, it was classified as the biggest and most drastic change since the jump made from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. They then made an update in the form of Windows 8.1 for fixing some problems and making updates. While a lot of issues were resolved, the revamped interface still has some niggles and this can stifle your productivity and even ends up rendering the machine unusable. Luckily, here are some problems and their solutions you might face with Windows 8.1:

1.      Explorer crashing and starting regularly

A recurring problem that you might experience is your Windows Explorer crashing regularly, which makes it difficult to use the operating system. This is primarily because there is a bug in how Windows deals with installed software or hardware drivers. This can be easily fixed by taking advantage of the Refresh My PC options. All you have to do is tap or click on settings, then go to change PC settings and then choose update and recovery. Once the recovery option is open, you can go to Get Started and move onto Refresh your PC without Affecting your Files. Your data will be safe and Windows will be re-installed.

2.      Multiple copies of unchanged data made by backup

Windows 8 has a backup function, which automatically copies files once they are changed. This is beneficial because if a mistake is made, then you can simply move back to a previous version. However, a bug means that your system is probably making copies of the same file even when you haven’t made any changes to it. This simply takes up unnecessary space on your hard disk. The only way you can resolve this issue is by backing up with a third party service or disable the default backup service.

3.      Wi-Fi connectivity keeps on dropping

There have also been issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. It is possible that your device may be dropping the connection altogether or it shows limited connectivity. No official solution has been released for the problem, but there is the option of downloading the latest driver of the wireless adapter from the website of the manufacturer. You may have to do this on another computer. Once the driver has been downloaded, you should go to Network and go to the Sharing Center and then select Change Adapter Settings.

Now you should go to Network Connections, select Properties, move onto Configure and then Driver. Here you have to choose Select Update Driver, click Browse my Comptuer and then select Let me Pick. You will have two drivers to choose from; first is the Windows 8.1 version and the second is the new ODM drivers that you have downloaded. You should opt for the new ODM drivers and this will solve your problems.

You can get these issues fixed in no time and your Windows 8 will be running smoothly once again without giving you a tough time.


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