What To Have In Mind When In Quest For A Gaming Laptop
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What To Have In Mind When In Quest For A Gaming Laptop

What To Have In Mind When In Quest For A Gaming Laptop

In case you are looking for a laptop that will provide you with great gaming experience, you should steer away from ordinary ones, as they are usually not capable of handling a game without lagging. Luckily, there is a whole world of gaming laptops to explore, but don’t grab the first one in the aisle, first make sure its hardware is up to the task. There is a lot of research work in front of you if you want to get the ultimate gaming laptop. There are many versions of gaming PC’s offered by different manufacturers, with unalike processors, storage and performances. Study attentively your gaming needs and then explore your options. You should consider the following things when searching for a gaming laptop.

The processor

Every gamer knows that gaming requires a lot of resources, so don’t even think about buying a laptop without a solid central processing unit. After all, CPU is the brain of your computer, and the faster the brain does its job, the better will overall gaming experience be. Multi-core processors will help your gaming performance even more, and as if that is not enough, it will enable your computer to run background tasks efficiently.


The main quality which can magically turn an ordinary laptop into a gaming super-machine is the presence of dedicated and discrete GPU. These units are your path towards faster renders and insanely good frame rates. There are many cheap gaming laptops which you can additionally improve and boost their gaming horsepower by installing dedicated graphic processing units. There are companies which are specialized on doing it.


A computer with more memory is more capable of multitasking, and there is no doubt that some other applications will be running in the background while you are spending quality “fun of your life” time. The lowest tolerance for a gaming laptop is 4 GB, but if you have the resources going further than that would bring you better results. It will provide you with the gaming experience undisturbed with lagging.

Hard drive

It’s THE thing to consider when buying any kind of computer, especially a gaming one. Out of the two types of hard drives, opt for the faster one of course. The first type is mechanical and it has movable parts. It is older technology and that’s why it is much slower. Your weapon of choice should be solid state drive, which is as you already can guess, newer technology and thus much faster. It can be a little pricier option, but it will prove worthwhile.

Video card drive

The sad but inevitable fact is that a high-end desktop video card will outperform a laptop video card at any given moment. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t have fantastic gaming performance with a great laptop video card. So don’t hesitate to open your wallet and give a little extra of green love for a solid mobile graphics card for your laptop. It does mean another cost on your already long list, but you will never find a decent laptop for gaming with an integrated video card.


At the end, what you should have in mind is your laptop’s primary battery. Unless you are planning to keep your laptop on a charger all the time (in that case you don’t need a laptop, but a regular desktop computer), you’ll have to opt for a laptop with 12 cells instead of ordinary 6 or less.


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