The Widespread Use and Trend of Selfie Sticks

The Widespread Use and Trend of Selfie Sticks

The Widespread Use and Trend of Selfie Sticks
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Bulky and heavy cameras swinging from straps around the necks of individuals for taking photos of beaching whales and majestic mountains? This is so last season. This season is now revolving around mobile phones and tourists have become a focal point. Now, you see tourists wielding giant poles with their smartphones attached at the end and smiling for their phone cameras. Thanks to the selfie sticks, the tourist-centric selfies don’t have to be at odd angles any longer or have to suffer from terrible cropping because of stubby and short human arms. With the selfie stick, a photo can now not only one individual in their entirety, but several, along with the background.

The trend of these rods first proliferated Asia from where most tech trends originate and then spread far and wide. These days, it has become a common sight to step out and see tourists carrying around these sticks, stopping at places to take photos and move on. It has become an extremely popular gadget with different manufacturers working on introducing unique designs, features and styles of selfie sticks. Today, you can find a wide array of selfie sticks in the market, with each having a horde of features to its name.

Likewise, the trend of selfie sticks isn’t just restricted to one class. From the elite to the lower middle-class, it is a heavily demanded accessory. This is the primary reason why it is available in different price ranges. You can easily find a selfie stick within your budget because of the huge choice at your disposal and choose one with features as per your preference. This trend doesn’t seem to be dying out any soon as some really innovative and versatile selfie sticks have been introduced by manufacturers in 2015 at different price points.

You may have assumed that the craze for selfie sticks is a relatively new one, but this is just a misconception as this invention has been around for a long while. The first ever patent for the selfie stick was filed in 1984 by Yujiro Mima and Hiroshi Ueda. Back then, they had named it the ‘telescopic extender for supporting compact cameras’. It was designed to hold a camera in place and even had a mirror so the photographer could see himself before snapping the picture. The patent was held by Ueda until it ran out. In 2005, Wayne Fromm, an inventor came up with his version of the selfie stick called Quik Pod. Such stick can be very helpful on places like beaches when you have to take pictures of yourself with sea behind you or when you are taking sun bath on a beach chair. While we are at it, check out to learn about some  amazing backpack beach chairs.

The term selfie stick became popular from 2013 when taking selfies became all the rage and have become an utterly common sight. As a matter of fact, selfie sticks have been classified as a must-have gadget for everyone in today’s smartphone market. The trend has become widespread because using selfie sticks allows you to take better and higher quality selfies. In addition, if you learn the required skills from a good selfie stick guide, it also enables you to take group selfies, a task that wasn’t easy when you were using your hands. It is clear that the trend of selfie sticks is here to stay for now.


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