Using The Right Battery for Your Portable Charger Based On Your Needs
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Using The Right Battery for Your Portable Charger Based On Your Needs

Using The Right Battery for Your Portable Charger Based On Your Needs
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Smartphones are not the only electronic items that need portable chargers to charge their dead batteries. There are many other gadgets that are being used by the world and all of them run on batteries. Convertible laptops, tablets, mp3 players etc. are all different devices that can be charged just like smartphones. What it means is that you need to pick the right portable charger based on the device or devices you have. If you have a big device that needs a lot of charging then a bigger portable charger would be better but a little compromise on portability will be required here.

Portable chargers are now available in not only many sized but shapes as well. You could buy a portable charger that fits your device just perfectly. The most important thing when you are looking for a portable charger is the usability of your device i.e. you should be able to use your device while it is being charged. At least you should be able to reply to a few important text messages and check out emails while the mobile is being charged. Such portable chargers can be a bit expensive but they are worth every penny.

The portable charger you have is nothing different from the batter you have on your phone. It stores the charge on its battery just like your smartphone stores the charge on its battery. Just imagine the USB ports that are on your laptop. If you connect your mobile phone to your laptop using the USB cable that is a micro USB at one end you can easily charge your mobile phone. This is the same case with portable chargers. You will see the capacity of a portable charger based on the mAh value of its battery.

The mAh value tells you how much charge will be stored on the battery. Secondly, you must know the mAh value of your battery. This will tell you whether the portable charger’s capacity is more than your battery’s mAh value or lower. Most smartphones today come with either 3000mAa batteries or below that mark. It is best that you buy a portable charger with a capacity of nothing less than 3000mAh. However, if you have multiple devices that need charging you can go for bigger portable chargers. These portable chargers will have good portable charger batteries that can store charge of up to 10,000mAh or even more.

In short, portable chargers can be used not only for smartphones but tablets as well. If you have Bluetooth headphones or speakers that need charging with micro USB cable then you can use your portable charger to charge them. However, the important thing to remember here is that the more capacity you want means the bigger the portable charger will be. This will affect the portability factor of your portable charger. A portable charger that has a capacity of 3000mAh can easily travel in your pocket but that won’t be the case with a charger with a capacity of more than 5000mAh.


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