5 Latest Car Gadgets Of 2017
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5 Latest Car Gadgets Of 2017

5 Latest Car Gadgets Of 2017

Everyone loves driving with little interruption while on the road. We are living in a world where ownership of cars has tremendously increased. With technological advancement, many changes have been witnessed in the automobile industry. More gadgets are available which has made it easier for the drivers to facilitate basic but important activities. The market is filled with cheap gadgets which the low earners can access without much struggle. Integration of high technology in making the movement easy as well as tracking the directions is now possible. Nothing is unsatisfying, like finding difficulty in mapping direction.

Getting stuck because of a faulty battery is a nuisance that causes delays and unexpected expenses. It is potentially dangerous to the security of the driver and any passenger. To avoid such scenarios, it is paramount to invest in the modern gadgets which can be accessed at cheaper prices. You need to visit Online Savings Hack  which would help you find some tips and techniques on how to get your gadgets at lower prices. Here are 5 best car gadgets which will surely improve your driving experience and also help you to be ready for some great experiences.


This is a very essential gadget since it captures your drive. It becomes core especially when an accident occurs. You have to remember that our roads are filled with both trained and less trained drivers. Establishing evidence for the proof of any accident sometimes becomes difficult if no tangible evidence is provided. Dashcam serves the best role of taking best snapshotsof every activity along the road. Although the front camera might fail to protect you fully, it serves an important role of identifying footages which can be used to determine the cause of an accident. TheZ-edge camera is efficient in its shooting capability. The camera is controlled automatically based on ignition of the vehicle. Importantly, Dashcam goes for as low as $108, which is not too high to be afforded by anyone owning a car.

Smartphone Mount.

A smartphone mount makes it easy to hold phones in upright state. Instead of periodically looking down to check for a message or see an incoming call, a mount can diligently serve this purpose. It places a phone in right position by ensuring its vicinity is not obscured. When the smartphone is in the right place, one can be able to use Google maps to locate direction without risking causing accidents. This is an awesome invention which is so helpful for drivers who are constantly on the roads. You cannot afford to sideline the smartphone mounts which come in different prices. The market has quality mounts which are pocket friendly and no one would afford to ignore its use.

GPS tracker

Navigation around town and new places could be a challenge for a new driver. Gone are the days when people used traditional methods of asking directions from the outsiders. New devices have come into play, assisting in sophisticated challenges. You just need to have a GPS tracker connected on your smartphone, and everything else is sorted out. With this gadget, it will be possible to track your vehicle and even trace your direction. The device also come in handy in challenging times when the car is stolen. If the GPS is not disabled in your vehicle, the security team can easily locate it. Moreover the Spy Tec portable GPS tracker also allows you to set up a geo-fence and will notify you through email or message when the vehicle goes beyond the predetermined area.

Portable Jumper Starter Kit

Jump starter kit is a core assets one cannot afford to ignore. You are not sure of what to expect along the road. Apparently, you might fail to get someone to help you in restarting your vehicle when it dies off. A jump starter is normally hooked on the primary battery of the vehicle. It serves as a source of power to enable the vehicle to start. Notably, it can be used as a secondary source power back up. Avoid inconveniences by purchasing a jump start kit which does not go for high price. Imagine stacking on the road due to a small challenge which can be overrun? This is the reason I advocate for personal remedy to your car problems.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire pressure is crucial for any driver. Atire monitoring system basically is stationed to help the driver maintain the correct pressure of all tires. This is important to avoid cases of accidents and damaging the vehicle. It comes with four sensors which are mounted on the four wheels and a monitoring display positioned for easy observation. It becomes easy to detect the state of ach tire pressure. It enables the driver to plan and set all wheels in place. It’s an invention which has been appreciated in the current world greatly.

You can choose to select any of this gadget and modify your vehicle to improve efficiency. Sail through this changes and you will enjoy your drive.


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