Types of Human Resource Software

Types of Human Resource Software

Types of Human Resource Software

Human resource software is primarily designed and developed to help the personnel of the human resource department with the tools that they need for performing the routine human resource tasks. It is possible for the HR software to be made into a single program that has the capability of sharing data between its numerous components or it can also be purchased as a series of separate and individual components. The HR software can prove to be immensely useful for the HR department when it has to undertake tasks such as payroll, recruiting, benefits, compliance and employee data.

Here is a list of the different components or types of an HR software program:

  • Recruiting

Recruiting software is used by human resource departments for tracking job applicants as they move through the employment process. This software can prove to be handy for creating the job descriptions for different postings and to screen the applicants to see if they fit the job posting or not. This software can also have the ability of running and also storing background checks on the applicants and also carry out processes after hiring such as tours of the business premises, training of company procedures and organization charts.

  • Payroll

The hourly wages and salaries of the employees are calculated by the payroll software by referring to the company’s pay schedule. Some softwares, such as KP Human Resource, are also responsible for the deductions of medical plans, the tax deductions and other deductions that might be applicable. The payroll software can be used for calculating the paycheck of an employee, whether they earn a fixed monthly, weekly or bimonthly salary or have an hourly wage rate.

  • Compliance

Numerous industries use human resource software for complying with state and federal regulations. These regulations can include the correct rules of terminating or hiring employees and the employee training that may be required for discussing the issues of workplace diversity and sexual harassment. There is also compliance software available for dealing with the issue of medical leaves of the employees and the medical benefits of laid-off employees.

  • Employee Data

The purpose of the employee management software is to keep track of the performance and activity of each employee, which includes job development, performance reports, additional training, skills assessments and alterations in their job descriptions. The human resource employee software is also capable of keeping track of the educational requirements of the employees, their re-certification or job-based certification along with incidents of conflict and their resolutions.

  • Benefits

The benefits that are provided to the employees may be accrued over years or months just as in the case of eligibility of health insurance or vacation time. The benefits software can be used for keeping track of additional benefits as well such as sports and food incentives, discount entertainment, club membership etc. Payroll and benefits software are usually directly linked so the employee time cards can be used for tallying sick leave and vacation time.

A business can purchase the individual human resource software program or one that has all functions integrated together, depending on its needs.


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