Apples Shares Rise in Anticipation of iPhone 6
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Apples Shares Rise in Anticipation of iPhone 6

Apples Shares Rise in Anticipation of iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is one of the most eagerly awaited phones of this year. There has been considerable mystery surrounding the device and the features it would include in order to combat its competitor, Samsung Electronics and its device. The hype has risen to such an extent that the share price of Apple Inc. surged and managed to cross the barrier of $100 as September approaches. The share price managed to achieve a new record by reaching $100.53 as investors eagerly look forward to the launch of yet another installment of the company’s iconic smartphone that has enjoyed considerable popularity since its release in 2007.

The previous spike in share price occurred about 2 years back and that also just before the company launched the iPhone 5 in September. The share price had closed around $702.10 and this is equal to the price of $100.30 after adjustments are made to account for the share split implemented by the company in June. In this share split, investors received one share for every seven they held in the technology company and this reduced the price down from the top-heavy $700 that the company had managed to reach after taking advantage of several years of capital gain.

Carl Icahn, activist investor of the company also boosted the shares via his tweets. It was last Autumn when he bought into the company and had added to his investment this year as well. According to him, the investment he has made in Apple Inc. is a no brainer because anyone who would have invested at the time he did would see a rise in value by 53% and also increase in dividends because the shares had been undervalued at that time. After the iPhone 5S, it is the excitement of the iPhone 6, which would compete the S5, that has given the shares a boost.

The iPhone 6 remains shrouded in mystery even though pictures have been released that are being called the images of the completed device. Rumors circulating the market also indicate that like Samsung, Apple is also planning to make its device health oriented by adding a health kit and a variety of other features along with it. Apart from that, it is also being said that Apple will be changing the physical appearance of their iPhone. The iPhone 6 will be larger in size, similar to the smartphones manufactured by Samsung.

According to analysts, these changes will be made by Apple Inc. to stay competitive in the saturating smartphone market. Apple will maintain its tradition of launching its phones in September while Samsung is also set to release the latest installment of its phablet series, the Galaxy Note 4 in October. The anticipation of the iPhone 6 may have boosted the stock price of Apple Inc., but it is yet to be seen if this hike in price will last. Investors are hoping that the device will be able to edge out the competition and regain its lead in the billion dollar smartphone market.


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