Choose SchnellNode As Your VPS Provider For A Good Reason

Choose SchnellNode As Your VPS Provider For A Good Reason

Choose SchnellNode As Your VPS Provider For A Good Reason

When you want to have a website on the internet the first thing you need to consider is web hosting. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or owner of a small business entity, it won’t be suitable for you to have your own hardware. A server is expensive, requires constant and continuous maintenance, requires special cooling systems, an IT staff etc. In short, you are going to add a lot of cost to your budget. The best way to have your website hosted is through VPS.

VPS stands for virtual private server. It is different from a dedicated server because you don’t own the entire server. What you actually own is a virtual server on a bigger and high performance hardware. However, memory, cpu, ip addresses and storage get allocated for you and you can use these resources as if they were your own. No one else i.e. no other website, shares these resources with you. You operate as an individual entity and thus it is called the virtual private server.

When you are not having your own VPS and optin for a shard hosting environment, the speed of your website is in the hands of your web host.

SchnellNode Review

SchnellNode is a big name that you must include in your considerations when you are looking for VPS.

SchnellNode is providing you SSD VPS in Germany. The company is fully devoted to providing the best of VPS hosting and you can see that by looking at the hardware they use. First, the company owns all of its hardware so you can rely on them unlike companies that offer you hosting on rented equipment. When the hardware is hired your security is compromised. SchnellNode is currently using the best hardware and specifications to offer the VPS to websites. The main highlight of the company’s VPS hosting service is that it uses the SSDs to store your website data.

It is proven and factual that SSDs are much faster than HDDs in all aspects. Not to mention, these storage devices don’t produce as much heat as standard hard drives. Also, they are using servers with processors that have TurboBoost technology. What this means is that their processors go well beyond their default clock speeds. When you know your server is being hosted with DDR3 memories with 1600 BUS speeds, you know you are operating with the fastest specifications.

The company is proud to give you the full control of your server. Even if you need to shut down the server for some time you can do that, just like owning your own hardware. SchnellNode is using the best facilities in Germany to maintain its servers and keep them safe and protected.

Their friendly customer support is highly praised for their great customer service. Lastly, they are currently offering a 99.95% uptime to their customers so their websites are virtually always up and running.


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