Some Of The Fastest Processors In The Gaming Industry


Gaming is an activity that is greatly influenced by the kind of processors in use in the PC or laptop.  Traditionally some of the fastest processors have been made keeping in mind the hardcore gamer in mind. The current trend is to use multi-core processors with more than a single core to work with. This trend not only gives a fast set of operations but an  energy efficient one too.  

One of the practices in the processor industry is to keep changing the configuration of the chips from time to time. So it is rather difficult to home in on a processor that would tend to carry the day for years on end. It has been the industry practice to have a top-performing processor last a good six months or so before the competition gets to come up with another better performing one.  

The Prevailing Fastest Processors in Gaming  

As has been said earlier, processor speeds are a fleeting thing as often the fastest gets to be dethroned in no time at all. So the practical thing is to purchase one of the fastest and most performing processors that the person can afford and to stick with it till the performance of the gaming machine tends to suffer. It is possible to upgrade processors on the same computer and a lot of folks do tend to do that as well.  

Ryzen family of processors  

This processor family from AMD happens to be one of the most sought after processor series when it comes to gaming activity.  They are multicore with the top end variants having up to six cores and can be relied upon to deliver some of the most exciting of gaming performances. One of the drawbacks of the gaming industry is that they have not been able to bring up solutions that truly took the multi-core architecture to good effect. So most of the time the processor is functioning fully on two cores or so.   

There are a few variants in the Ryzen family and it must be said that there is nothing much to differentiate between the different versions most of the time. Issues of an overheat of the processor are rarely experienced and they happen to be one of the best designed and budget-friendly processors of the times.  

Intel i9 Processor Family  

The i9 series from Intel happens to be the best selling processor tailor-made for the gaming PCs.  They are one of the sturdiest processors that happen to be on the market.  It must be said that when it comes to using multi-cores the Intel family in fact introduced the feature to the processor market. The i9 has a maximum configuration of ten processor cores and using threading technology to tie up the various performing cores.   

Few people can deny that the Intel processors are the much sought after ones in the computing business. But they happen to be one of the more costly ones around as well. So as a gamer PC, there has to be a match off between the cost of the processor and the kind of performance that is required of the machine.  It would be worth the while to focus on some of the highest performance games when picking a gaming processor than to pick a processor that would suit some of the entry-level games.  

It is inevitable that gamers tend to evolve as with the gaming experience. With the Intel i9 processors, it is possible that the user can have a lasting experience since these processors have a long use life as well.  

The role of clock speed in deciding gaming processors  

When deciding on processor speeds that are required for gaming PCs the first thing that most people look for is the GHz performance that the unit delivers.  But an equally important feature of the processors is the threading technology that binds the different cores together. Often people do not fully understand the role that communication plays between processors cores within a processor.   

It is a fact that as speeds of the processor increases, the heat dissipated too increases.  This would mean a heavy heat sink and the ensuing cooling requirements. Thus there is always a tradeoff between the speeds attained by the processor and the amount of heat that can be safely conducted away from the cores.   


Discussed at length have been two of the most successful processor families that have come to dominate the gaming machines for some time to come.  Competition is so hard in the line that it does not take one vendor to come out with a competing piece the moment someone else introduces a device.  A key factor when choosing processors is the cost advantage that is provided by a particular piece.  Most of the time, it is a compromise that needs to be balanced out between the performance and the cost of using a processor.  


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