Top Reasons to Check Backlinks
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Top Reasons to Check Backlinks

Top Reasons to Check Backlinks

Building backlinks to your website is one of the best ways to get higher ranking and more traffic. Contrary to what experts and Google wants you to believe, backlinks are still a strong indicator of the quality of a website and have not lost their power. Links from high-authority and reputable websites will give your own website a solid boost. However, as you focus on getting backlinks for getting more traffic, there are certain things you need to be aware of. The wrong backlinks or broken backlinks can also lead to disaster. That’s why tools, such as broken link checker, have become popular.

You need to constantly check backlinks to ensure they are still of the right quality and not broken. Let’s discuss some of the top reasons to keep checking your backlinks:

Bad links affect your reputation

Similar to everything else, there are pros and cons of backlinks as well. While good backlinks can benefit your website’s reputation, the wrong and broken ones can have a negative impact. If you keep track of the links and check them on a regular basis, it will not cost you a lot to maintain your reputation and ranking. There are various tools that you can find for this purpose, which can help you in rooting out any bad and broken links effectively.

Avoid any link-based penalties

You can achieve better rankings in search engines with backlinks, but they can also lead to penalties and vulnerabilities. It is best not to link your website to those that have a spammy link structure because it can lead to penalties. Moreover, these links could also be violating guidelines that Google has provided and this can create further problems for you.

Protect the website from negative SEO

Everything should be considered vulnerable in the modern world, including your website. In most instances, your competitors will be looking for any possible way to beat you when it comes to search engine rankings. The easiest way to achieve this is by spamming your website. You need to check your backlinks and use a broken links scanner to see if any link is broken so it can be fixed and also to disavow all links that were created solely for the intention of getting the website penalized.

The website could get de-indexed

You certainly don’t want to get this message at all. Your business may be buying links, participating in link schemes or building low quality links. The problem with these shady techniques is that they can get you penalized and land you in a world of trouble by getting you de-indexed. Moreover, these links cannot be relied upon in the long run because they may be broken or dead at some point and don’t deliver the value you expect. If you don’t want to get de-indexed, it is a good idea to use a dead link scanner to check the health of your links and backlink scanner for their quality.

As backlinks are important, you need to check their health and quality regularly to keep your website high in the rankings.


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