How technology can improve your customer service
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How Technology Can Improve Your Customer Service

How technology can improve your customer service

The business world has never faced so much disruption, with technology being the reason for this disturbance. There are such a wide variety of technologies that can be implemented into your business that will increase productivity and workflow, but it’s all too easy to allow that same technology to have a negative effect on your customer relations. Far too many businesses adopt the latest technologies without giving the necessary consideration to just how that new technology will improve customer service, and that can be fatal in a competitive market. If you want to make use of and benefit from the newest technologies but are wary of how they might affect your customer experience, then here are the main areas to look at.

Smart Chat Tools

No matter how many hours you put in at the office, you are simply incapable of being available to global customers 24 hours a day. That’s why so many companies are adopting smart online chat tools into their customer service. Consumers have quickly adopted private messaging for both personal use and for communicating with businesses. From public utilities to the latest fashion store, the chatbot has seen a massive rise in implementation, and consumers are taking full advantage of the accessibility that it allows. With a reduced need for human employees and an end result that is becoming indistinguishable from the human, it’s no surprise that chatbots are becoming the most popular form of technology for businesses in the modern age.

Tools for combining resources

The ability of technology to allow for a more fully integrated management structure has been well documented. Not as much has been said about the ability of that integration to improve the customer experience. The fact is that platforms like the Oracle E-Business Suite can streamline every area of your business, and that extends to improving customer service. When it comes to customer relationship management, a professional Oracle EBS consultant like CSS is well equipped to be able to fully optimize your resource planning and supply chain management, and vitally, your customer service applications as well. The main benefit is that most basic of business tools: information that is accurate and useful.

Social media – your service channel

You are no doubt already using social media, but are you using it correctly? Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become invaluable when it comes to micro-interactions with a customer base, and are much more than a dedicated placeholder for your latest blog post or news about your new product line. They should instead be used as a means of complementing your sales and service departments, which gives your business a much greater chance of reaching customer satisfaction and giving loyalty to your branding an always much-needed boost.

You should always look at new technologies with a view to understanding just how well they will improve your customer experience. The most forward-thinking companies are those that use technology to complement and reinforce their service strategies, rather than replace them. Losing the human touch is risky, so it’s always beneficial to conduct your own research so that you can take advantage and keep your business one step ahead of both customer expectation and your competitors.