Improving Your Instagram Game: The Top Instagram Marketing Tips
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Improving Your Instagram Game: The Top Instagram Marketing Tips

Improving Your Instagram Game: The Top Instagram Marketing Tips

Are you chasing clout, trying to become the next, big influencer? Are you leveraging IG for business, trying to land sales? You’ll notice it’s kind of hard.

There’s more to IG than taking great pics and hashtags. 

Applying a few Instagram marketing tips and tricks can help you get more out of the platform. It’s in these marketing efforts you’ll get clout and sales. What are they? Read on, this post gets into a handful of IG tips you need to be using.

Learn From People That Do It Well

How can you make Instagram work if you don’t know what works? Spend a day trawling through influencers in your niche, market, and industry. Try answering the question, “what makes them unique?” for each person.

You could also dig into their data:

  • Use a follower count tool like SocialBlade or BlastUp
  • See the posts people respond to most often
  • Look at what hashtags they’re using

Repeat what they’re doing to some degree but with your unique take. This should create a better understanding and use of the platform. From there, it’s adding to the efforts, getting more likes, followers, and connections.

Connect Accounts and Build Momentum

Make Instagram one of your central social media platforms. Drive followers from other channels and profiles to your IG account. 

You could funnel people with ease doing these:

  • Including an IG link in your email signature
  • Making a post pointing to your profile on the other sites
  • Adding IG call-outs on your ad/marketing materials

You can build steam by converting existing followers into IG fans. Or, buy likes and get a boost to your brand image. The follower push and boost will get the attention of others — and so they’re not following a “dead” profile.

Create Good Content

Good is subjective but at least put in the effort:

  • Get an eye for good angles, subject matter, and style
  • Curate and only share the best pieces (quality over quantity)
  • Re-use great content from other platforms on IG

Use insights to understand your audience, figuring out what they want. Then, keep sharing what followers enjoy. Else, get feedback from the source and keep it in mind as you’re creating content.

Go beyond images, too, with awesome video and stories.

You could try different content formats, too. Try sharing behind-the-scenes or motivational media. Or, do sneak peeks, contests, or user-generated content.

Use Hashtags the Smart Way

Two things worth mentioning for hashtags:

  • Don’t spam and overload your media/shares
  • Don’t only use the tags everyone use

Go with a couple of basic and generic tags for reach. Then, niche down and use tags unique to your brand, subject, and community. Again: Look to influencers and your community to figure out what these are.

Get More Instagram Marketing Tips

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