Show Your True Friendly Nature With Friendship WhatsApp Status
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Show Your True Friendly Nature With Friendship WhatsApp Status

Show Your True Friendly Nature With Friendship WhatsApp Status

Friends are the light of our lives. We know how lonely we feel when suddenly some day we feel like meeting a friend but he/she is not available. It is weirdly interesting that we find people in our lives who don’t belong to us, are not our relatives or siblings, and get close to them than our siblings. It is not uncommon to be in situations where we take big risks just to meet our friends. We’ll listen to the scolding from our parents and face our teachers’ anger just to please and be with our friends.

However, we don’t often find time to express our inner feelings to our friends or show the world how much we value our friendships. Social networks became a great platform for doing this but now we have something even better – WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the present and the future of communication. WhatsApp allows us to connect with people in our contacts, share voice and video with them, and send images, videos and other data across. This application also allows us to put a status with our name. This status appears with our name to every person’s whose contacts we are in.

Your status tells a lot about you and how you perceive the world around you. By putting a friendship WhatsApp status, you can show your contacts that you are open to friendships and that you care about your friends. Such a status will not only make your friends proud of you but also open doors for people to get friendly with you without much hesitation. Since you can’t share your secrets online it is best that you look for some good friendship quotes and use the one as your status that you think best describes your friendships and thoughts about friendships.

Good thing about our modern world is that we have internet to rescue us from almost any situation we can think of. If you can’t think of something then it is best that you take help from online websites and find a quote for your WhatsApp status. Many people are impatient about their online statuses and they would continue to change theirs frequently. This is not the right thing to do. Let your status be the same for at least a week or month before changing it. This is to avoid looking bland with your statuses.

Of course, you can always update quotes based on your mood and status of friendship with your best friends. If you are going through rough times then go for a status that gives you courage to keep your friendship alive. There are dozens of categories to choose your status from and an online website dedicated to WhatsApp statuses is your best resource. There are sad, happy, exam, busy, lonely etc. all types of quotes to choose from. So go ahead and pick a friendship quote and show your friends how much they matter to you.


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