Most Efficient Social Marketing Tools
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Most Efficient Social Marketing Tools

Most Efficient Social Marketing Tools

When trying to improve your business through social media, you’re walking on a slippery slope. On one hand, you want to reach everyone at the same time, but investing yourself in every social network equally is bound to leave you spread too thin. What you need to do is apply pressure to several spots that will be most effective. This means two things. The first one is finding the right social network, the one your clients are bound to visit the most, and second, finding the right social marketing tools.

1.    Google Analytics

The first thing every website or blog (especially those business-related) should have is a Google Analytics. Truth be told, in 2016, having Google Analytics is almost mandatory. This amazing tool is there to give you a bit more insight on the visitors of your website. For example, apart from just telling you how many people visited your blog, you also get the info on how long they lingered on a particular page, where they are from, as well as which site they come from. For your social marketing engagement, this can be especially useful since now you can assess which social networks redirects most people to your website.

2.    LastPass

Everyone who ever tried to run a social media campaign knows that the disproportionally large amount of time goes on memorizing, typing in and looking up forgotten passwords. Everyone knows that using one and the same password for all your profiles isn’t safe, but using a plethora of different phrases will eventually result in some of them being forgotten. The people working at a prestigious creative agency from Melbourne strongly recommend the use of this particular tool, since it saves a lot of time and handles your digital security in a quite reliable manner.


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sadly, sometimes it’s all about the appearances. This means that even if your link is 100 percent safe, if it is too long, a lot of people will refuse to even click on it because they fear that it is malicious. Using a full URL that has over 50 characters is not only a huge waste of space, but also a practice that is repelling your customers. Luckily, an URL abbreviator like is there to the rescue.

4.    Buffer

Sharing is caring and, if you’re one of those people who can only post, tweet and talk about your own product, you are on a good way to drive away potential customers. To solve this problem, you might want to share content made about other people, rather than just promote yours. This is where Buffer can be of immense help since it allows you to post on all your social media accounts from one place. Another thing it helps you with is scheduling your posts for later, so that you reach even those potential clients who are in the different time zones.


Every craft requires one to have quality tools in order to stay competitive and social media marketing is no exception to this general rule. Sure, these tools are different in their very nature since some provide you with more insight on your target audience, while others help you manage your social media accounts. Of course, there are also those whose only purpose is to make your links seem more clickable. What they all have in common is that they help make your social media campaign easier and more efficient.


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