Some of the Most Popular USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro in 2018

Some of the Most Popular USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro in 2018

The MacBook is an amazing gadget with significant performance and remarkable features. However, the biggest drawback of using MacBook is the fact that it actually contains relatively less number of ports for connecting the USB or any other cable. As such to find an effective solution to this limitation, Apple came up with a decent gadget called USB-C hub for the MacBook Pro, iMac Pro etc. that are actually accessible with diverse features and requirements. Here are some of the most popular and frequently used USB-C hubs that are dominating the market in 2018.

USB has been playing a crucial role in the efficient working of the smartphones, computers, and several other gadgets for many years. Today, USB-C has taken things to the next level. The USB-C could be used for everything right from charging most of your gadgets to connecting a display to the computer for transferring data quickly. Today, USB-C ports are regarded as the most useful and versatile ports that any device should be proud of.


HooToo is used for boosting ports’ quality and reliability for the MacBook client. If you are thinking in terms of a nice and simple option which would not be overloading you with ports, this could be the right choice for you. The HooToo flaunts three distinctive USB 3.0 ports which could be used for plugging in accessories such as keyboard, mouse, or for transferring data. This popular device also has one USB-C charging port for keeping your Android smartphone effectively charged up all through the day. It has an SD memory card slot and an HDMI port which is just right for 4K video viewing. The device has an aluminum alloy finish and LED indicators. It boasts electromagnetic interference protection for keeping your devices functioning perfectly during the day. It is regarded by many as the best USB-c hub for MacBook for simple use.


This is quite a versatile and nice USB-C center hub for your MacBook. This decent USB C hub is actually having 4 ports that would be incorporating HDMI port, 2X for USB 3.0 and also for effectively charging USB C port that is utilized to charge a PC. This has been created precisely for USB-C write gadgets that incorporate MacBook to enable faster information transmission and for enhancing the overall charging proficiency.


You could work efficiently in the office or at your home with the USB center hub from Stouch. This provides guaranteed security to your MacBook. This versatile USB-C hub has super speed USB 3.0 ports meant for fast data transfer up to almost 5 Gbps. It has been designed keeping the same slick and minimalist Mac-style and the distinctive aluminum exterior just like the MacBook Pro. The overall look is elegant and premium and its looks complement its premium quality. This is supposed to be extremely slim and multi-port USB-C hub. Once you plug in the hub, you would find that all the accessories are working fine as usual. It is supposed to be a five in one port and its striking features may include 2X USB, 4K HDMI, 3.0 ports, and an exclusive port meant for charging your MacBook Pro.


There are a plethora of USB-C hubs for MacBook that are available in the market. Some of these are very much in vogue in 2018. We have discussed the top three USB-C hubs just right for your MacBook.


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