Dream Gadgets Of Today And The Future

Dream Gadgets Of Today And The Future

Dream Gadgets Of Today And The Future

Our world runs on tech these days, but we’re not complaining. More often than not technology just makes our lives more awesome. There are some dream gadgets on the market and others that are going to be out in the coming years. When you look at these brilliant pieces of technology, there is no doubt tech is revolutionizing our world and making it better.

3D Printing

3D printers are still expensive, and you won’t find one in the average home. Currently, they’re only available to businesses or the rich. But 3D printing pens are a different story altogether. They can be bought by anyone for less than a cellphone. What do they do exactly? It’s quite simple really though still very impressive. A 3D pen heats and cools plastic as it appears from the pen. That means that you can draw in the air. All you need to do is plug the pen in and watch as your artistic creation comes to life. We’ve seen amazing videos where people have built a scale model of the Eiffel Tower. If that’s not a cool gadget, we’re not sure what is. These are available to buy now and you can check out reviews on http://best3dprintingpen.com/best-3d-printing-pens/.

Virtual Reality

Who says that science fiction ideas will stay exactly that. Look around the world and you can see them coming to life before your very eyes. Our favourite example is the holodeck from star trek. While hologram tech is still a few years off being marketable virtual reality is coming sooner than you would think. The first VR headsets will be out at the start of next year. It seems like VR is going to be restricted to gamers for the moment, but there’s already talk of making film watching a VR experience. We can’t wait to see what that feels like.

Trackr Stickr

Have you ever wished you always knew where your cellphone was? Well, now you will. In fact, you’ll know where anything is including your car keys or your favourite coat. That’s thanks to tracking stickers. These awesome little gadgets can be stuck to everything so that you can find your prized possessions remotely. You’ll never have to wonder if you’ve lost a valuable piece of tech again. This might be a great gift for the forgetful people in your life.


Hoverboards have been banned in New York City! That’s according to this http://abc7ny.com news report. Well, they’re not really hoverboards because they don’t actually…hover. That’s just a cool name given to these little personal two-wheel transportation devices. They are also available now and are a speedy way to get around town. The only issue is that they’re currently being banned everywhere. So, if you do buy one you’re likely to get it confiscated as soon as you take it out. We guess we’ll have to wait for real hoverboards then.

It seems clear that gadgets are improving our world. Whether it’s a new type of entertainment or a form of transportation, technology offers the answer. We can’t wait to see what other devices arrive in the next five years.


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