Reasons to Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

Reasons to Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

Reasons to Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

You must have heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you don’t live under the rocks. The discussion that began almost just after the invention of the web is still fresh and does not seem to be ending soon. There are many experts swearing by its effectiveness. If you have not yet optimized your website, and need to know the reasons to do so; read on.

Read the following benefits of optimization to know should your business do SEO or not.

People are searching your product or services online

The first reason that makes SEO important for any business is that people use search engines to look for all types of products and services. If you do not optimize your website for search engines, you are giving your competitors the chance to connect with the prospective customers who are searching for your product or services.

SEO attracts relevant traffic

SEO is not like the old advertising techniques where you push your product and services to gain people’s attention. Here you only cater to the needs of people who are already searching for your products and services. This means you do not need to waste your time in convincing people that they need to choose your product or services. The traffic coming to your site already knows that they need the product or service; you just need to build trust about your product and service quality. In fact, you need to place your website where the eyeballs fall.

It is the most cost-effective advertising technique

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. You do not need a very big budget to hire an SEO expert. Further, the benefits of SEO last really long. Once you reach the top page of a search engine you’ll keep on receiving convertible traffic for months or years to come. Remember, you are getting all these at a comparatively lower cost.

You do not have to keep paying constantly

Obviously you need to have an SEO expert working to keep your website optimized. But, it does not mean you’ll be paying regularly as you need to pay for other commercial placements on hoardings or traditional media.

SEO brings 90% more clicks than pay per click advertisements

Most of the people tend to ignore paid advertisements. And, there are lots of them who use ad blockers while browsing the web. This means you pay more and get fewer views if you use paid advertisement. You do not have to pay the search engines a penny but can still gain more if you optimize your site to rank high on them.

You gain the brand trust benefit of Google

People trust the fairness of Google algorithm. So, when you rank high on Google people easily trust your brand. See, just because Google recommended it, searching humans trust it. That is the power of search engine like Google. And you can harness the power by optimizing your site.

SEO provides 24/7 promotion

Once you gain top ranking in the Search Engine Result Page, you will continue to get translatable leads 24/7/365. An investment in SEO brings you quality traffic that leads to higher revenue. And this does not stop unless you do not make a big SEO mistake like not staying current with Google’s algorithm update. Every time Google dances, you need to watch out your rankings.

SEO builds brand awareness

All the people browsing through the web are not impulsive buyers and they may not buy your product or service instantly. But, when your brand becomes visible to them repeatedly, they start recognizing and trusting your site. So, when they decide to buy the product or service you offer, they’ll surely return to you. Brand awareness is no less important than the actual sale.

Your brand referral increases

By increasing your brand visibility you increase your chances of getting referrals. Many people tend to rely on friend’s referral for buying any product or service. And most of the referring individuals Google their query and refer the top links to their friends. Referrals increase the chance of getting quality leads.

The results of SEO are measurable

Unlike the majority of the advertising techniques, the results of SEO can be measured. This means you can actually calculate the amount you spent on SEO and the resultant profit. You can not only measure your conversions but also track the source of conversions to know where you need to focus more.

SEO is the latest Goodwill

As a business owner, you must know the value of an intangible asset like Goodwill. Even an undergraduate studying business knows that goodwill is the intangible asset that outweighs majority of the tangible assets. And, SEO is the new goodwill for any business organization. If you want to sell your business at any point in time you can get much higher value for your business if your search engine ranking is good. The buyer knows that he can reap the benefits of the search engine ranking over the years.

SEO improves your site’s safety

If you don’t bother about your search engine ranking, you won’t bother about its safety either. But, when you are working on improving your search engine ranking, you’ll be forced to make your site safe for the visitors. By making your site secure to rank high on Google, you’ll not only make your visitors safe from viruses but you’ll also secure your site and your business from viruses, spammers, malware, and ransomware.

SEO brings you talented employees and quality collaborators

SEO is not all about attracting customers. You can attract quality collaborators and talented workforce for improving your business. The job-searchers, just like your customers, start their journey with Google search. If your ranking is not optimally high, the pool of talented workforce will not flow towards your direction. Same is the case with quality collaborators.

What do you think now? Will you be opting for a good SEO strategy?


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