An SEO Guide to Google Hummingbird

An SEO Guide to Google Hummingbird

An SEO Guide to Google Hummingbird

Whenever existing algorithms are updated or new ones are introduced by Google, it gives rise to concern whether the change has killed the concept of SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. Google Hummingbird was the latest update that was introduced by the internet search giant and according to the company; this update has already managed to improve search results and will also be useful in enhancing voice and mobile search. While Hummingbird is new and is being billed as the biggest algorithm change introduced by Google since 2001, it is essentially just an evolution. The features of this algorithm simply provide more semantic and conversational search results.

This means that the update doesn’t kill SEO. In fact, it ensures that those who are willing to make the effort will get their deserved rewards.

Knowledge Graph

This particular project has been around for a while, but hasn’t been used by casual researchers. The purpose of this feature is to highlight the connections between places, people and things and then use the results for providing insight into the connections. Knowledgeable and complex responses are offered to users that are usually expected from humans. Individuals conducting in-depth research use Knowledge Graph.


This particular update is only a natural progression and advancement of the Knowledge Graph. The invaluable and interesting information provided by the latter is combined with the undoubted search capabilities of Google in the Hummingbird update. Instead of identifying individual phrases of keywords in the search query, the update considers the entire query. Relevant results to the whole sentence are provided. In this way, this update is able to offer more rounded results, which provide supporting and background information as well.

Conversational Quotes and Long-Tail Queries

As individual words are no longer the focus, pages that habitually use long-tail keywords are bound to be affected by the Hummingbird update. As they have a high conversion rate, long-tail keywords have always been regarded as useful because they can convert visitors into customers. Instead of breaking down words, search strings combining of four to five words will be used by Hummingbird.


It is widely known that the authority and author of the page are given importance by Google. Authority becomes more pertinent and relevant as page content is hugely emphasized in the Hummingbird update. It will ensure that users are delivered with the most useful page of a website rather than taking them to the homepage. This means that each and every page should be individually targeted to visitors. This can boost conversion rates for a business and will also increase traffic to a website.

Mobile and Voice Search

It is believed by analysts that Google’s desire to get more mobile has heavily influenced the changes. Apart from the mobile search engine pages, Android belongs to Google and has its own voice search options. Voice search typically includes more natural and conversational language so people typically use complex sentences for search purposes. Hummingbird can provide the highest quality and relevant pages that will suit the needs of the searcher. This will increase mobile traffic of websites.


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