Top Facts You Should Know about CBD

Top Facts You Should Know about CBD

Top Facts You Should Know about CBD

Cannabidol, or CBD, is a compound found in marijuana that provides a number of benefits without causing any high. Majority of the people have heard about THC, the compound in marijuana that’s responsible for its psychoactive properties, but CBD is only recently gaining attention. Why? This is because CBD has turned out to be helpful for treating different health conditions, which include chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy and many more. Moreover, its lack of side effects is another reason why CBD has gained popularity at such a rapid pace. Today, you can find this compound in the form of different products like CBD hemp oil, edibles, tinctures and even vaporizers.

Listed below are some of the top facts you should know about this unique compound:

Fact 1: CBD can offer you a range of medical benefits

Just because it is derived from marijuana doesn’t mean that CBD is bad for your health. These days, people are using CBD as a natural supplement because it has a wide range of medical benefits. Its anti-oxidant properties helps it in combating neurodegenerative disorders, analgesic properties are handy for combating with pain and anti-depressant properties can deal with anxiety and depression. In fact, its anticonvulsant properties are renowned for suppressing seizure activity and products such as CW Hemp have been developed to take advantage of them.

Fact 2: CBD can combat THC’s negative effects

It seems that the marijuana high can be naturally counteracted with CBD. It can reduce the intoxicating effects of the THC in marijuana, which include paranoia and memory impairment. Those who have used both THC and CBD for medical purposes have shown preference for the latter because it has little or no side effects. It is best if people who want to use marijuana for medical reasons to opt for strains that are high in CBD.

Fact 3: CBD can also be given to pets

Previously, before CBD came into the spotlight, lots of pet owners used to give THC to their pets for various medical reasons. They had to deal with the high for the benefits it had to offer. CBD has now become the top preference of pet owners because it can provide the same effects minus the high. With CBD, pet owners can target a number of concerns such as joint pain, epilepsy, anxiety and skin problems.

Fact 4: CBD affects the sleep-wake cycle

The effects of CBD on sleep are somewhat ‘biphasic’. This means that they depend on the dosage consumed. When taken in small doses, CBD can actually increase your wakefulness whereas large dosages are better for the purpose of sedating. In addition, THC has sleep-inducing properties, which can be counteracted with CBD. This is one of the top reasons why some cannabis strains are said to increase alertness.

Fact 5: CBD is still illegal in many areas

Yes, CBD is undoubtedly promising, but in many parts of the world it is still illegal. As far as the United States is concerned, CBD products can be bought and used in states where medical marijuana has been legalized.


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