Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing - Why is it necessary?
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Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing – Why is it necessary?

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing - Why is it necessary?

There are over ten electrical appliances that run daily in the modern households – HVAC systems, air conditioners, washing machines, mobile phones, LED TV’s, refrigerators, to name a few. All these devices possess a huge potential to interfere with each other’s electromagnetic fields. To keep your home safe, you must ensure your devices continue to function as required in the presence of various electromagnetic environments.

Now, the question that arises here is, how so many large home appliances work correctly without even interfering with each other’s electromagnetic emissions? The answer is – EMC. Not many people are aware of what is – Electromagnetic compatibility testing. Electromagnetic compatibility in general terms is the capability of various electronic components and devices to run safely in the presence of other electronic devices which emit electromagnetic waves.

EMC testing is an integral part of product development and design process. All big manufacturing companies check each individual device for enough immunity to EM disturbances before they release and finalize a product design for mass production. To check the compatibility among your electronic devices at home, you can get a handheld unit known as ESD simulators at Transient Specialists. Our simulator rentals provide efficient and economical testing to IEC 61000-4-2 and cover broader EMC concepts. Ensure your devices withstand particular levels of electrostatic discharge related to various installation and environmental conditions and get products approved with EMC testing for your long term safety needs.

Why do companies do not give enough importance to EMC Testing?

EMC testing is a major step taken by the large organizations and manufacturing units before they actually release their products in the market. Though EMC testing is crucial, many organizations still ignore it due to reasons like – lack of equipment, resources, and money. Most of the times the organizations which run on a small scale lack necessary EMC testing equipment at each stage of product design and development. In addition to it, there are some manufacturers who do not find EMC testing to be of any use and believe that faulty power supplies are the causes of electromagnetic interference among various equipment and devices.

Why renting EMC equipment is preferred than buying?

Renting EMC testing equipment is considered to be a good avenue in this modern world. It allows you to – save on costs, evaluate equipment, receive equipment instantly without any need to sign-off on capital acquisition, and perform short term testing. EMC test rentals have become competitive and popular throughout the world and are considered to be one of the safest ways to make sure the project is following the conforming standards. Today, you can find a large number of companies offering EMC test rental equipment to medium, small and newly startups businesses. Businessmen use EMC rentals to check the quality of the products and to take their project to the next stage of development.

Rental equipment save you time, money and maintenance

When it comes to measurement and test equipment, you often get in a dilemma whether to buy or get one on rent. The EMC test equipment rentals are considered economical and efficient and have evolved over the past 30 years. Customers to EMC rentals believe that the benefits to the equipment are unbeatable. Avoid product depreciation, save time and money, use advanced EMC test rentals.


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