Full Guide To This Levana Baby Monitor Review

Full Guide To This Levana Baby Monitor Review

Full Guide To This Levana Baby Monitor Review

Earlier when babysitting was one of the most crucial aspects of every parent’s life, today, Levana has turned it into the most harmonic and simplified job! This terrific amalgamation of technological experience and human parenting emotions, lead to the innovation of Levana baby monitors, which are one of a kind! These wireless, full coloured, audio-visual and hand held monitors bashed into the world market and now, have become an essential part of every family, where infants are the boss!

However, as the list of these monitors being sold in the market extends till infinity, the most time consuming and exasperating task is to analyse and choose a perfect monitor which suits your needs. Well, with this Levana baby monitor review, all your doubts will now be cleared up!

Let’s first discover what baby video monitors actually are!

Levana took up the agenda of developing something astonishing, which makes the parent’s feel their baby’s presence all the time. The baby video monitor is one such device that transmits live imagery or videos along with sound over one-way frequency to the receiver.

The distance till which the technology works, largely depends upon the projected qualities and features of various models. In most of the situations, as per This Levana baby monitor review, the monitors are designed to serve within a distance ranging to 150 feet or below. Here, the transmitter is stationed near the baby and it is plugged 10 feet away from baby’s crib. The transmitter routes a signal to the monitor which is in control of the parents, or guardian and it is a completely portable device. The monitor could either be your smart phone or laptop.

Thus, with the availability of this incredible device, the parents can always stay beside their children to assure their security while continuing with their regular chores. This device, has truly redefined what parenting feels like, and has given today’s busy generation, an opportunity to regulate their hassled life, and balance it equally between profession and family.

 So, what all types of video baby monitors available for you?

Levana brings an exclusive range of baby video monitors which have got some essential features as per your requirement and budget. Here are the 3, general categories of Levana baby care monitors from which you can choose-

  • Dedicated baby video monitors- these are the generalised type of video baby monitors that you would have witnessed. Here, the camera base or the transmitter is installed in the baby’s room, while the parent unit which could be any of your LCD screen, is placed in the parent’s bedroom. The monitor allows the parent’s to see their baby as and when they want. However, the parent unit is only compatible with a specific camera or transmitting unit, and it couldn’t be utilised for other activities, thus, it gets the tag of being dedicated.
  • WiFi video baby care monitors- this works same as the above one, however, it basically involves the use of data or internet, to perform more precise functions. The parent’s unit could be again, a laptop or a smart phone. The camera unit placed near the baby makes the use of any specific website or application, where the parents can login and setup their accounts. This type of monitors turns out to be very rewarding as the parents don’t have to stay concerned about the distance. It lets them view the kid’s activity, through a stable internet connection, even from farther distances.
  • Wired video baby monitors- as the name itself defines, these monitors are much like the surveillance systems than being a true baby monitor. They work through wires and thus, require hardwiring of both the camera and video monitor device in the house. This has various limitations as it could require professional installation, it even have a distance issue and is thus, not portable. You being a parent, have to stay irritated with the wires all around, which again isn’t a sign of convenience. Thus, it is not much used by the parents, but is preferred in organisations.

Thus, as per this Levana baby monitor review, you can easily choose any one of these monitors, which suits your needs and convenience.

Know about the top Levana baby monitors

If you are still confused about which baby video monitor do you require at your home, then here we bring out the list of some specific monitors, which have been the priority of parents since years. you can instantly order one of them from your online store and can bring this full-fledged security solution at home!

  • The Astra– this monitor comes with LED lights that indicate you about your child’s actions. With its power saving mode, the battery can extend up to 48 hours. it features a two way interaction facility, through which you can calm down your kid just like you are beside him. It comes with advanced camera handling features that let you pan, zoom and tilt to have a full view of the whole room.
  • The Alexa– this system comes with great audio and visual quality to let you have full control on your child. It comes with some unique features like that of recording the video and take up snapshots of the moments that you wish to cherish with your baby. The sound quality is so epic, that you listen even to the whispers or humming sound being created in and around the baby’s room.
  • The Ayden– this device is remarkably the best and most compact one with 48 hours of extended battery life, temperature sensor, 3 preset lullabies, x2 zoom and IR night time vision with 2 way interaction facility. It can work up to the range of 750 foot and can let you stay connected with your child every second. The monitor lets you have a full connection with the child while responding to his/her reaction in the most subtle manner.

So, here our This Levana baby monitor review comes to an end! We are pretty much sure that you would have already selected the best device that you would now require to keep your child under perfect monitoring. So, happy parenting!


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