Fish Finder with GPS

Fish Finder with GPS: A Great Gadget To Improve Your Fishing Skill

Fishing as a human activity is almost as old as humanity itself. Whether as a source of livelihood, leisure or even sport, it occupies an important aspect in the socioeconomic sphere of the society.

Conventionally, fishing is carried out with the use fishing nets, hooks, and sometimes with sticks and bare hands. There have even been rare occasions when people fished with guns, especially as a sporting activity.

However, the most challenging thing about fishing is finding out where and when to “cast the net”, the uncertainty in hooking a catch, and the over dependence on individual instinct and sometimes fate for a shoal of fish to swim by.

But what if you knew where to cast your nets and throw the hook per time? What if you had a device that has the ability to detect the presence of fish under water? Wouldn’t your fishing experience be better?

The Fish Finder with GPS

The Fish finder GPS Combo is equipped to perform two functions because it is the combination of two separate devices; a fish finder and a GPS tracking device. It uses sound-pulse technology to detect the presence of, and locate, fish under water.

The technology is similar to the Sound Navigation and Range (SONAR) system used on a much larger scale, especially by the military. It does not simply detect sound pulse, but also displays images under water.

The combination of the fish finder and the GPS into one device has made it even easier for you to go about your fishing business more efficiently. Instead of buying two separate units, the combo is often more durable and easier to use.

By graphically displaying measurement of reflected sound energy, it allows you to interpret information that would help determine the location of fish under water. The device also has a display screen to show the position and movement of fish under water.

The GPS feature helps you to keep track of your location as well as save favourite fishing spots so that you can always revisit that location. It is used mainly by commercial and sports fishermen. Subsistence and leisure fishermen can also use the device.

Also, the fish finder with GPS has a useful depth finder feature that can come in handy when you are looking for a particular kind of fish, especially the kind found in deep waters. By detecting the depth of each location, you can tell what fish resides there.

Why you need a Fish Finder

With the Fish finder, you save time and energy as you know what to do at each point in time. You can take control of your fishing trip and be sure of better results, which mean much greater catch when you use the device.

The Fish finder with GPS also saves you the stress of straining your eyes trying to get a glimpse of fish under water, or the inadequacy of relying on instincts. You cannot always guess right that the bubbling on the surface is caused by a fish beneath.

Furthermore, the fish finder with GPS can increase your fishing skill greatly. The reward for a skill is the result it produces, and the fish finder guarantees much better result than the conventional technique.

*How a Fish Finder Device works

There are several types of fish finder and GPS combos, but most of them often have a similar operational system and work the same way. If properly operated, it can improve your fishing skill greatly.

Generally, a hydrophone (transducer for converting electrical impulse into sound wave) is dropped in the water. When its wave hits a fish, it sends the wave back, converts it back to electrical signals and displays the shape and size of the fish on the screen.

The kind of water in relation to the strength and frequency of the sound pulse determines the clarity of the image that appears on the screen. The fish finder also has a temperature sensitivity feature which helps to tell the exact location of the fish.

Sizes and Weight

Modern fish finder and GPS units are hand-held gadgets. Although they vary in sizes, some are even small enough to carry in your pocket. The average size of a fish finder with GPS is 8”W and 5”H.


A fish finder with GPS is not a heavy-duty system with multiple components, and therefore easy to use and long-lasting if properly maintained.

Availability and Accessibility

The fish finder is an over-the-counter device that can be bought at designated electronics shops or ordered online.

The fish finder with GPS is a great gadget that can improve your fishing skill greatly. It makes fishing easier, yields more catch, and makes the entire fishing experience more exciting.


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