Get To Know Eight Ghost Busting Tech Gadgets Of 2020

Get To Know Eight Ghost Busting Tech Gadgets Of 2020

Get To Know Eight Ghost Busting Tech Gadgets Of 2020



















Phantoms and apparitions have received an indistinct reception in human literature. You might have heard stories about ghosts that haunt graveyards. These stories follow a predefined melancholy pattern in which a wretched soul’s sorrow lingers for centuries as a specter. Whether these otherworldly beings are real or not, they exist in people’s imaginations and have grasped their fascination. The 21st century didn’t overcome the notion of a “poltergeist” with modern technology. Instead, this technology helped somewhat proving the existence of these spirits. We’ll discuss the best gadgets paranormal investigators use to record the presence of ghosts today.


You can find numerous videos on YouTube where allegedly ghosts have been sighted on camera. There have been multiple reports of people who found a persistent presence harassing their children. Then they reviewed their nanny-cams and saw shadowy figures near their tod’s cot. This sort of “evidence” supposedly strengthens the idea that ghosts do exist. But, of course, there are alternative explanations where people’s visions get interpreted as mere illusions.

The doubt behind paranormal experiences forces people to search for evidence. Ghost hunters often preset anomalies such as orbs and cold spots as proof. In the past, folks used to rely on psychics to help communicate with the dead [search for séance]. Nowadays, high-tech gadgets provide people with the power to receive an audience from ghosts. Here’s a brief list of the ghost hunting equipment every freelance paranormal investigator must possess.


Certain factors can trigger a false sense of something paranormal going about the house. That’s why it’s better to bring this detector for measuring carbon monoxide (CO) in a location. This poisonous gas can build up to cause hallucinations, providing a scientific explanation for spirits. There are several environmental indicators capable of affecting a ghost hunter’s judgment. Make sure to look for humidity, temperature, ion levels, and drafty windows.


The trick to a successful paranormal investigation is to catch the spirit in the act. You can purchase this gadget (named SpiritPod) that triggers an alarm when it detects a shift in local energy levels. It costs less than £80 and counts as an essential piece of equipment in a ghost hunter’s backpack. It reveals the presence of anything natural/supernatural. You can place a few of these devices inside a haunted house. The number of bulbs it glows shows the strength of the nearby soul.


Teddy-bears are for hugging, but this one serves more sophisticated functions. Marketed as a BooBuddy, this interactive device detects motion, temperature, and EMF simultaneously. Available for only £450, this investigative companion talks and interacts with you like a human being. By laughing and weeping, it indicates if some presence has passed nearby. It’s a friendly object to have around when you’re busy exploring menacing phantoms in an isolated location.


Paranormal investigators never look directly for ghosts. They try detecting environmental changes an apparition’s manifestation brings with it. A Mel Meter measures changes in your surrounding temperature and electromagnetic fields (EMFs); even the device’s name has a tragic story attributed to it. These reasons have compelled The Atlantic to call MEL-8704 the “it gadget” of the ghost hunting world. Its accuracy and quick response make it a valuable soul-tracing tool.


We can describe the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) as the recording devices capture mysterious sounds not uttered by any natural source. Thus, to catch these supernatural sounds, ghost hunters utilize these gadgets called digital voice recorders. These gadgets detect and document sounds a human ear is incapable of capturing. You can purchase a functional 8GB recorder for £30 and then expect to have a meaningful conversation with spirits.  Ghost hunters typically use voice amplifiers to enhance the faint replies recorded by these gadgets. You can use a widget called RT-EVP to listen to the ghost’s response with a few seconds delay.


These motion-detecting gadgets are a must-have for all paranormal investigators. Ghost hunters place multiple motion trackers inside a haunted location to keep a digital eye on everything that goes on. You might’ve seen dramatic incidents happening when a motion tracker sounds an alarm and the ghost hunters rush to catch the spirit. For £350, you can buy a 360D motion-tracking puck that even tells you the direction of the movement it’s detected. Inventors have manufactured compact and lightweight motion trackers that connect with Wi-Fi and hook up to your phone. It’s an essential piece of equipment for ghost hunters to possess and upgrade.


Assisted by a wireless thermal-imaging video-camera, you can learn what exactly triggered your motion tracker. If there’s no visible object nearby, it becomes strong evidence for the presence of something ghostlike in the vicinity. These cameras are now available for less than £250 online. These gadgets are capable of detecting temperature changes through infrared radiations. You can search for them by typing “thermographic cameras” as well. Paranormal investigators seek to find cold spots with these widgets. As it doesn’t use light to see, you can find it functional as a night-vision goggle too! With a 33D field of view, these devices have a temp range up to 400C.


For £125, you can get a good-looking beginners’ ghost hunting kit. It comes with most of the essential items we’ve mentioned above. You can carry your EMF meter, infrared thermometer, geo-phones, and vibration detector in a single case. If you order these kits online, they come with informative booklets about paranormal investigation science. That’s how you can begin your haunted adventures as a self-taught ghostbuster. Even a clumsy YouTube search for ghost hunting can teach you how to become a paranormal investigator. All you need to possess is a casket filled with phantom-catching gadgets.


Do ghosts exist? If not, then why do people claim they’ve seen ghosts? We’ll cautiously adopt an agnostic perspective regarding the existence of the paranormal. But a person’s observation alone doesn’t indicate the truth behind all your campfire chronicles. Ghost hunters are interested in ionizing and non-ionizing electromagnetic (EM) emissions. Only the latter falls under the visible spectrum. These emissions are all around us and do affect us.

Exposure to these emissions has quantifiable effects on a person’s psychology. These effects range from experiencing nausea to witnessing ghosts. In the ’80s, a Canadian professor created the God Helmet that bombarded a person’s brain with EMFs. It compelled people’s minds to notice a presence in their neighborhood; some victims even claimed they’d seen the Lord through this device. Ghost hunting gadgets are useful for explaining several bizarre incidents of paranorma


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