All That You Should Know about CSPO Training
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All That You Should Know about CSPO Training

All That You Should Know about CSPO Training

Nowadays most of the organizations are starting to adopt an Agile mode of software development and because of this many new roles are emerging. One among them is the Product Owner, who is responsible for making an effectual connection between the customer requirements and the business with the team responsible for making developments in an efficient manner.

Now you must be thinking who exactly is a product owner and what he is responsible for?

The product owner’s prime responsibility is to increase the product value that results from the work of the development team. The product owner is the person who has the responsibility of managing the product backlog. In the Scrum team, the product owner plays an important role. He is in charge of giving the product the exact form that the consumers want. For attaining this, the product owner has to carry out many activities like designing the product vision, taming the product backlog, planning, connecting with the customers along with users and the stakeholders. The other functions of a product owner are budget management and effective collaboration with the team. Because of this, they need the right calibre to influence the team and stakeholders, enable facilitation, creative thinking as well as effective management of conflicts.

So, if you are a person who is interested in the business part of the project, then you are the correct person who can benefit from CSPO certification. A CSPO is responsible for making the product vision, product backlog and ensuring that the customer is always delivered the best!

Some of the vital qualities of a product owner are

  • He is a perfect visionary who can easily envisage the product and communicate the vision.
  • He is a great leader and a team player who offers the right guidance to everybody in the team. He strongly depends on close cooperation with other team members but wields no formal power on them.
  • He is a great communicator and negotiator who has to have effective communication with various parties like consumers, marketing, service, operation as well as management.
  • He is an empowered and devoted individual who has the required authority and the perfect level of supervision to go ahead with the development works and to bring it in line with the stakeholders.

Now let us know in detail about this CSPO certification.

It is a highly sought-after certification for the product owner. It enables the aspirant to not only gain knowledge about the basics but also to handle all issues that a product owner faces like the rising needs, stakeholders inconsistency, and liberation planning. This certification training will assist you in learning

How to enhance the value of a product by mounting the delivery speed of product features

  • How to lead the Scrum team
  • Effective coordination with the stakeholders to gain knowledge about their vision for the product.
  • How to leverage communication between the development team and the stakeholders on how to increase the product ROI to a maximised level.

What are the benefits of obtaining the certificate for a product owner ?

Getting trained for the role of product owner and being certified helps in many ways:

  • Enhances the scope for better career opportunities in various industries that have adopted agile practices.
  • Exhibits your core knowledge of Scrum.
  • Gives you a better understanding of Scrum foundation and better learning about the scope of a product owner.
  • Eases collaboration with the practitioners of Scrum that will lead to consistent improvement.
  • Gets you connected with local Scrum groups via social networks and access to related businesses.

In addition to all these, people having a certificate can pursue a higher level of certification in Scrum, as it offers 16 scrum education units (SEUs). To be a CSP 70 SEUs are required in total. There are several top companies that prefer hiring certified product owners, including EY Healthcare, Siemens, and Honeywell.

What are the basic requirements for obtaining the certification?

  • If you want to be a Certified Scrum Product Owner, first and foremost you should familiarize yourself perfectly with Scrum. The best way to get familiarized is by completing an in-person training or you could go through the Scrum Foundations e-learning series.
  • You are required to undertake an in-person CSPO training of duration 16 hours, taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). This training or course will help you in learning the Scrum foundations, and product owner responsibilities through exercises, case studies and important discussions. Some of the main topics of this course are:
  • Methods for making a product vision.
  • How to build, uphold and order a product backlog.
  • How to easily recognize the needs of users.
  • Managing stakeholders.
  • Scrum processes, roles and responsibilities
  • After completion of the course, you will be required to accept a CSPO license agreement.
  • After obtaining the certification you are also required to maintain the certification by renewing it every two years.

So, if you want to flourish in your career as a product owner then the CSPO is the way to go!



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