Four Tech Appliances You Never Thought You Needed

Four Tech Appliances You Never Thought You Needed

Four Tech Appliances You Never Thought You Needed

Are you at that point in your young life where you feel you’re ready to have your own home? Are you confident that you’ve completed your checklist and are now prepared to begin purchasing the things you need for your house? Before you proceed, you need to check out these four appliances you might regret not including in that checklist of yours, like something as simple and seemingly negligible as the transistor radio, or something fancy yet unrecognizably useful as the coin-operated washer.

Grass Trimmer

Why bother paying someone to mow your lawn when you can do that yourself? Not only would you save on grass cutting service costs, but you’d also be in full control of how you want your garden or backyard landscaped. You don’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth if the grass cutter you hired mucks up the job, and you’re free to cut your own grass whenever you please.

Cutting your own grass also doubles as a whole-body workout! Try it out for yourself. You’ll notice a pretty significant increase in arm, core and leg strength. It’ll also allow you the luxury of exercising within the confines of your lot, which means that if you can’t find the time or are too lazy to drive to the gym, you always have the option to break a sweat by working on your lawn.

Washing Machine

Does the town you plan on moving into have accessible laundry shops or laundromats? Even if it does, you need to forget about heading over to those establishments to get your clothes cleaned. Factoring in the time and gas you’d have to spend to get to those establishments, you’d be able to save up more than you realize if you just purchase your own washing machine.

Not only are Continental Girbau’s selections of laundry equipment really easy to use, but they also look really stylish and modern! Their REM-Series Hard-Mount Washers come with programmable features that could cater to your different washing needs and are cost-effective in terms of power and water consumption. As added bonuses, you could turn this coin-operated washer into your own personal piggy bank! Heck, you could even turn a profit by letting your neighbors use your machine for their laundry needs! You just killed three birds with one stone there!

Voltage Regulator

If the town you plan on moving into has been proven to be prone to electrical blackouts due to severe rains, then this nifty device will do just the trick to save you from costly electrical repairs around the house.

Voltage regulators were built to protect your appliances and gadgets from damage during sudden intermittent blackouts. They serve to, well, regulate the voltage level and prevent it from rising to a harmful level.

Transistor Radio

Most mobile phones today have a built-in radio for leisure or for emergencies, should calamity strike and take down most communication facilities. However, you must consider how much power would be drained from your phone if you used it as a makeshift radio.

It’s important to own a separate transistor radio, preferably one that runs on disposable batteries, just in case your town is hit by a storm, an earthquake, any other act of God. Having one would save you the trouble of worrying about where to charge your phone once its battery starts dipping below the 10% mark. It’s also a great decorative piece for any home!


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