How to Protect Your Gadgets from Any Freak Accident

How to Protect Your Gadgets from Any Freak Accident

Technology in our daily lives is ubiquitous. From our mobile devices and desktop computers to our vehicles and home appliances, it’s hard to escape just how prevalent consumer electronics has become in recent decades. Providing a plethora of conveniences and comforts for us in every aspect of daily life, it can be hard to imagine just what life would be like without access to these vital gadgets.

As much as we assume these devices and electronics will always be there for us, things happen. Accidents, wear and tear, and even natural disasters can all snatch our conveniences away from us in the blink of an eye. Without a solid game plan, some protection and a bit of preparation, even the most high-quality gadgets can easily succumb to virtually anything.

For any gadgets you have – particularly those that are more expensive – taking steps to alleviate worry and minimize risk is simply a smart idea. To help with the process, let’s look at a variety of accidents that can occur and how you can protect your devices from them.

Electromagnetic Interference

Perhaps one method of damage that people give the least thought to, electromagnetic interference is a very real potential problem for any electronic device. There is electromagnetic energy virtually everywhere in the world – and under most circumstances, it is effectively harmless. However, under certain circumstances, this form of energy can be destructive to any device relying upon circuits and electronics.

The most likely culprit that can cause EM damage is a magnet. Even relatively weak ferrous magnets can wreak havoc on screens, hard drives and other components if left exposed for long periods of time. Rare earth magnets, such as larger neodymium variations – can quickly disable phones and screens, wipe computer hard drives, and otherwise cause irreparable harm.

Additionally, mother nature can throw a curve ball at us in this format. Powerful EM blasts from the sun or targeted explosions by nations or rogue actors can release devastating amounts of EM energy into the atmosphere, effectively frying all electronics within its range. As such, it’s important to get as much information on how to protect your devices from this kind of attack as possible.

Falls, Drops & Shocks

As technology continues to become more readily available and more powerful, it also is becoming smaller. The end result is that we now have a variety of devices that can fit in our pockets and hands. While this is a great development for on-the-go tasks, it also makes our devices more vulnerable to accidental damage.

One of the most common types of gadget damage comes from a variety of drops, falls and subsequent shock damage suffered by the accident. While quality control is often a top priority for manufacturers, most smaller devices cannot sustain continued drops and shock damage without being broken or impaired.

As such, investing in a high-quality shock absorbent case for your smartphone or tablet is highly recommended. Many low-cost cases available on the market provide little to no protection: if you have a natural tendency to be clumsy, spending a bit more for peace of mind and protection is advised.


If there is one prevalent and natural enemy to consumer electronics and gadgets, then water is it. Moisture and electricity simply do not mix, and accidents involving this element can quickly render devices inoperable.

Thankfully, manufacturers are increasingly incorporating waterproofing and water-resistant elements into gadget construction. Likewise, some cases and protective measures can also be purchased to further boost the water resistance of any gadget.

For smaller devices, any exposure to moisture should be immediately handled by removing any batteries or power sources from the gadget, and then suspending the device in a drying medium, such as rice or silica.

Heat and Light

High temperatures cause damage to electronic devices if left unchecked. Particularly in the summer months, leaving devices exposed to light and/or heat – whether it be inside a vehicle or out in the open – can damage circuits, screens and batteries. As devices become too hot, more and more components can begin to fail, causing irreversible damage to the gadgets. As such, always keep your gadgets from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight to avoid this common form of accidental damage.


While not necessarily an accident in the truest sense of the word, theft of your valuable electronics is still a huge risk that should be considered. Whenever a device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet is stolen, it’s not just a loss of the device itself: you could also be losing countless files, photos and heaps of sensitive personal information as well.

While reducing the chances of having your devices stolen can be pursued in some situations – such as never leaving devices visible inside an automobile – preparing for the worst should revolve around securing any data or information. By ensuring that you have a cloud service that backs up everything of importance, you won’t lose anything even if your device(s) are stolen. Additionally, taking steps to ensure that any sensitive information is encrypted will keep you from suffering even more damage from the theft.

One more option is to obtain insurance policies that cover the theft of your devices. Some stand-alone plans are available for individual devices upon purchase or after the fact. Likewise, some existing insurance policies for your car or home may cover the loss of any devices during a burglary.

Power Surges

Electricity-related issues are appearing on this list more than once – and for good reason. Random electrical surges caused by storms or utility grid issues can threaten any and all devices plugged into your home at the moment they strike. While it may not be cost-efficient to secure every outlet in the home, investing in high-quality surge protectors for more valuable devices (computers, televisions, smartphones, etc.) is often well worth the price tag.

Electronic devices and gadgets give us an unprecedented amount of power, information and entertainment, but they are immensely vulnerable to the whims of our daily lives. Now that you know what accidents and elements are most harmful to these devices – and how to protect them – you can take steps that’ll mitigate any financial or personal loss in the future.