Apple’s iPhone 8 Launch in Asia is Muted

Apple’s iPhone 8 Launch in Asia is Muted

Apple’s iPhone 8 Launch in Asia is Muted

As compared to previous debuts of the iconic device, the launch of the iPhone 8 in Asia kicked off in a rather muted way. The mood this time was less lively probably because most fans are holding out for the iPhone X due to be launched in November. It is usual for hundreds of people to gather outside of Apple’s city store in Sydney and typically the queues are as long as the entire main street i.e. George Street, every time a new iPhone is released. However, according to some witnesses, when the store opened up on Friday, there were not more than 30 people lining up the street.

In the last couple of years, the number of people who queued up outside Apple’s stores has declined steadily, but this was only because more and more people opted to make online purchases instead. However, this time around, the weak turnout was partly because the new iPhone has received rather poor reviews from the experts. There were some people who had queued up days before to get their hands on the phone and be able to review it. They said that Apple had only made modest upgrades to the device.

The device is not much different than its predecessor, the iPhone 7, but it has a new glass back rather than metal as it is more durable and you can also shoot 4k 60 frames per second. It doesn’t have a lot of new features to convince people to upgrade. A loyal Apple customer in China stated that she had bought the new iPhone because of the improved camera. Another said that she had waited until midnight to be able to watch the launch event and find out what new features the device would offer and she had liked the photograph function so she wouldn’t hesitate in making the change.

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Discussions of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, which are usually seen as a measure of consumer interest, were considerably less this time as opposed to the previous two launches by the company. The iPhone 8 comes 10 years after the first version of the revolutionary device was launched by Apple, but its poor reviews caused the shares of the company to go down. On Thursday, the share price of the firm had reached $152.75, which was a two-month low. Investors were worried that the pre-orders of the new device were considerably less as compared to previous launches.

The iPhone 8 is aimed at those who want to upgrade, but are not willing to pay a hefty sum of $999 for the iPhone X, Apple’s anniversary smartphone. This is a stainless steel and glass device boasting an edge-to-edge display and has been called as the ‘biggest leap forward since the original iPhone’ by the company’s chief executive, Tim Cook. Experts and analysts said that it is possible that sales will be livelier in the case of the iPhone X because it offers revolutionary features.


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