mSpy Review: Best Monitoring Software for Phones

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mSpy Review: Best Monitoring Software for Phones

The line of spy products has offered people a number of options for keeping track of someone’s activities. Whether you are parents worried about what your kids are up to or employers trying to monitor their workers’ activities, you need mSpy, which is one of the most powerful and award-winning monitoring software. Currently, more than one million people all over the world are using this software for spying and tracking purposes due to the immediate and accurate results it can offer. You can download the mSpy app for most major smartphones as well as tablets and it can even be installed on desktop computers and laptops. Whether you want a Snapchat Spy for your kids’ phone or you want the chat or sms logs, this software can do it all.

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Previously, the mSpy app could only be used on jailbroken versions of the iPhone, but a no-jailbreak version has now been introduced for your convenience. Parents can make use of mSpy to keep an eye on their children’s online activities and see what they are watching and who they are talking to. This allows them to take necessary actions to prevent anything dangerous from happening. Employers can do the same with their workforce and know what their employees are up to when they are in the office. Using mSpy is pretty simple and straightforward; you can go for a monthly or annual subscription for the basic or premium plan, depending on your needs and preferences.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time. Once you have subscribed, you can log into your account, download and then install the app on the required devices. Installation instructions are provided and are not very difficult to follow. After it is installed, the app will become invisible to the user and will run in the background. It will immediately start recording and monitoring all activities that are taking place on the said device. There are a number of features of mSpy that enable it to do its job well and some of the top ones are:

  • Keylogging: The app records every keystroke that’s made on the smartphone, tablet or computer. This allows you to see everything that’s typed on any instant messaging app like Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.
  • Geo-Fencing: You are provided a control panel that has a map on which you can mark ‘Forbidden’ and ‘Allowed’ places. When your child leaves or enters any of these areas, the app will instantly alert you thereby helping you know their location.
  • Call history and restriction: mSpy allows you to see the incoming and outgoing calls on the particular device, which include phone numbers, date, contact names, duration and time. You also have the option of restricting calls from a predefined number if you don’t want your children or employees in touch with someone in particular.
  • Apps and website blocking: One of the most prominent features of mSpy is that it gives you full control over the apps installed on a device. The same applies to website access. You can block access to certain websites as well as download of applications you deem unsuitable. This works great for the workplace and also for home.


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