Announcing Liquid Web “Cloud Sites” and Promotional Coupon
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Announcing Liquid Web “Cloud Sites” and Promotional Coupon

Announcing Liquid Web “Cloud Sites” and Promotional Coupon

This article is an introduction to Liquid Web Cloud Site, an all-in-one hosting platform that is fully scalable, fully redundant and hosted in multiple servers. The platform is available now to mission critical sites and apps with an introductory promotional coupon.

What is “Cloud Sites”

If you’re not familiar with the Cloud Sites hosting unit, the main thing you need to know is that it was born out of necessity.

You know how shared hosting is known for offering one-size-fits-all hosting solutions? Liquid Web realized that there’s a little more to it. Some customers love the simplicity shared hosting plans can provide, but they’d also like to have a bit more control and power over their website.

That’s where “Cloud Sites” come in!

Liquid Web have developed Cloud Sites to be a leader in the cloud technology industry. Not only this hosting option is revolutionary in the hosting industry, it’s also surprisingly easy to use. That’s one of the main advantages of designing a platform from the ground up.

Liquid Web designed it so that even their least tech-savvy web masters can understand it and get the benefits of cloud hosting.

Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites users will be able to control their applications, data, CMS, code, scripts and backups (something that they can’t do if they use shared hosting solutions). Everything else in the servers will be managed by Liquid Web themselves.

The Cloud

The world “cloud” can have a lot of different meanings in technology. Here is the straightforward definition for webhosting: the cloud is a network of resources (CPU power, storage space, RAM access and so on) that are used to store and run data. Unlike with traditional one-server hosting options, a cloud-hosted website will have its CPU power, storage and RAM data sourced across multiple servers.

Cloud Sites Benefits

Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites have a lot of good things going for them:

Speed: With multiple drives combining to share the duties of running a server, your website will load faster.
Scalability: With Cloud Sites as your platform of choice for hosting a website, there’s no need to worry about scaling your infrastructure in order to match your traffic. If anything needs to be scaled, Cloud Sites will get that done automatically.
Resilience: As your data is stored and backed up on multiple servers, you will never be in danger of losing everything. Even if some hypothetical calamity causes Cloud Sites to lose a half of its hard drives, you’d never know about it. The damaged hard drives would quickly be replaced by server administrators, and your data would just be rewritten on them.
CMS Support: Cloud Sites support most popular content management systems – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Liquid Web Coupons

Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites hosting plan lets you host unlimited websites and apps and welcome unlimited visitors. You also get 50 GB of SSD storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. The price is $150 per month – unless you decide to take advantage of Liquid Web’s limited-time introductory offer. By using Liquid Web’s “CLOUD33” promo code, you can get a 33% discount on the first three months.


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