6 Technologies That Have Transformed The Developers Workflow
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6 Technologies That Have Transformed The Developers Workflow

6 Technologies That Have Transformed The Developers Workflow

How technology has changed over the time can be depicted by observing the way developers workflow and working techniques have been transformed.

Earlier the developer’s life was quite simple and convenient. As they just build an assembly code and then after making certain tweaks they allow the software to be simply loaded from the memory, which then executes and delivers appropriate results.

However, now with the flourishing technology, developers used to work in diversified teams that are spread over the globe, where different platforms, languages and compiler versions are used. These differences in their working environment create a mess and bottlenecks in the programmer’s job.

The developing trends and environment are rapidly fluctuating and every single change alters the developer’s working scenario. It affects the way a developer interact and work with his/her fellow developer and the way developers communicate and reaches their customers.

If you are an aspiring developer, you must be aware of all the latest tools and trends that are in the market demand. Here are some technologies that have strongly affected the programming scenario.

1. There Is No Need To Start From Scratch – Use Frameworks

Isn’t it a good idea to work smartly by utilizing the already existing piece of work rather than beginning from the scratch? Today, programmers use to enhance the available code and procedures the way they want to by making certain appropriate tweaks to get a desirable result without much brainstorming. What one can do is –

•    Just look for the right framework
•    Search for the API, and then simply start gluing the required parts of the API altogether via a piece of code that perfectly makes sense for the requisite job.
•    Nowadays, web pages are coded with Ext JS, ExpressJS or any other code.

After observing that how complex it could be without using frameworks, it’s recommended to find an appropriate framework and tweak it as per your job needs.

2. Rigorous Interface – API

Gone are the days, when programmers need to take care of their data/information and data structures; luckily today, we have advanced compilers that perform most of the job. Developers use JSON and XML as parse-able data structures. Application Programming Interface (API) has facilitated programmers to conveniently accomplish the task by simply paying a certain penny for the call. There are libraries that help keep a check on the punctuation errors.

3. High Programming Skills Are Often Imperative for Using the Services of Platforms

For utilizing an existing website and creating an account by filling a form and then customizing it as per individual requirements, one often needs to possess high programming skills. For instance, Paas only allows technically expertized programmers to know what is to be filled in which Web form. And, Microsoft Azure is another example that requires a thorough knowledge of JavaScript.

4. Browser Dependent

Earlier, programmers used to write a different software for servers, desktops and devices; all these softwares were unique to each other, and they communicate with in a distinct fashion. However, today, most of the developers have adopted a method to run everything on browsers, to save the efforts that were required to create different versions to support different platforms. For instance, JavaScript and HTML are used by Apple for creating desktop widgets, as well as by many cross-platform mobile applications. Though, there are several browsers-independent games too but, developers are switching to browsers support.

5. Use of Resourceful Secondary Markerplace

For the folks, who want to develop a game, there are two options around –

•    One is to hire some expert professionals and ask them to create an innovative and impressive game that looks interactive and cool.
•    Or the other way is to shop the required pieces from the secondary marketplace, and glue them together and tweak it as required to create a working module, and thus, accomplish the job.

There is no dearth of such options in the market with a plethora of extensions, plugins, libraries, etc., hence, you can use the one that best suits your job and complete it without getting your hands dirty with daunting programming.

6. Helpful Social Media Applications

It’s not that easy as it used to be earlier. Creating a website that boasts a cool URL was just enough to leave an impressive impression over viewer’s mind and invite them back again. But today since, there are truckloads of websites lying over the web, it is quite hard to attract viewers. What site developers are doing today is, they are seeking help from social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., (as they have a formidable fan following) via creating social media apps to easily promote their website across the globe.

Wrapping Up:

There are numerous technological changes that have occurred over the period of time with fluctuating market needs and trends. Some of them are mentioned above that dictates how these changes have affected the developer’s workflow with enhanced and enticing approach.

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