Unique Uses Of The Cloud: 5 Services To Look Out For
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Unique Uses Of The Cloud: 5 Services To Look Out For

Unique Uses Of The Cloud: 5 Services To Look Out For

The idea of cloud computing is nothing new, but in recent years, it has become much more accessible. Big companies like DropBox are cashing in on the craze, and businesses are turning to cloud solutions in their droves. However, while many associate cloud computing with basic storage, there are many other uses for it. We’ve browsed the internet for the best examples of unique uses of the cloud. Here’s what we found.

1. SDL – Language Translation

SDL specializes in the ability to translate, both in human and machine format. Their cloud-based service has become a powerhouse, offering capabilities that aren’t easily found elsewhere. SDL is also the “world’s number 1 provider of free and professional language translation services for websites and documents”. This company has made use of the cloud in a unique fashion to establish itself as an industry giant.

2. PhysicalAddress.com – Virtual Mailbox

We all get concerned about the perils of junk mail from time to time, but what about our physical mail? https://physicaladdress.com/ is a website that allows you to convert physical mail into digital format. Most importantly, you never have to deal with the physical mail yourself. You choose a forwarding address, and the mail gets sent there. From that point, it is scanned and uploaded to your virtual mailbox. The hassle of dealing with physical mail gets taken out of your hands, all thanks to the power of the cloud.

3. Style Jukebox – Music Streaming/Storage

Now, don’t get me wrong; Style Jukebox isn’t the only music-based cloud application out there. You don’t need to look far to come across Google Music & Amazon Cloud Player, for example. However, Style Jukebox prides itself on being able to play music at lossless (very high!) audio quality. It uses the cloud to store your music collection and make it available on any device you wish. Combined with a stylish user interface, Style Jukebox has stood out from the crowd.

4. NoMachine – Remote Desktop

The ability to connect to others’ desktops is an important one in a business environment. NoMachine is unique in the fact that it’s a totally free option, with the ability to upgrade to paid services if necessary. Sporting features such as the ability to record remote sessions, NoMachine has become a popular tool of choice. And, it does all this via the power of the cloud!

5. Eventboard – Meeting Room Management

Meetings. For some, they’re a valuable opportunity to seek ideas and get on the same page. For others, they’re often a waste of time that doesn’t accomplish what they set out to achieve. If you’re falling into the latter category, Eventboard might be for you. It uses the cloud to make meetings more effective. For example, check-in services are available to everyone who will be attending. Also, real-time data helps to improve meeting efficiency. https://eventboard.io/ is the place to find it, and although it’s a paid service, the costs are low.

As you can probably guess, there are many other unique uses of the cloud. Who knows what we’ll see in five years time?


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