Samsung Galaxy S8 Faces Complaints Ahead of US Launch
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Faces Complaints Ahead of US Launch

Samsung Galaxy S8 Faces Complaints Ahead of US Launch

The latest flagship smartphone by Samsung Electronics received raving reviews and this week, the Galaxy S8 will finally reach consumers in the US in one of the most closely watched product launches this year. A seamless start is critical for Samsung because it wants the S8 to help it in gaining back consumer trust after the fiasco that occurred with its Galaxy Note 7 devices last year. Due to overheating batteries, the South Korean firm had had to recall nearly 3 million devices, which had been a major blow for the company. Therefore, it is safe to say that everyone is holding their breaths when it comes to the S8.

Preorders of the new device became available in South Korea on Tuesday, but some consumers in the country are already complaining of seeing a red hue on their screens. According to Samsung, the red tinge to their screen is not a defect; consumers can fix it easily by adjusting the color range of the display by going into the settings of the device. In an emailed statement, the smartphone maker said that an adaptive display has been incorporated in the Galaxy S8, which optimizes the color range, sharpness and display. The company didn’t disclose the number of complaints it had received regarding the screen color.

In the past few days, dozens of people had posted pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks where they compared the Galaxy S8 devices and some of them showed a strong red tint. In fact, in one picture, two devices with identical color settings were shown, but one of them had a stronger red tint. Thus, the devices with the darker tint were dubbed as the ‘cherry blossom edition’ of the Galaxy S8. Several improvements have been touted by Samsung in its new device and one of the main features is a display that bleeds across the entire phone.

The preorder sales for the Galaxy S8 were higher than its predecessor, which include one million in its own home market in South Korea. According to industry analysts, display screens having a stronger hue of a certain color is quite common amongst smartphones and this issue has surfaced in numerous devices. For instance, the iPhone 7 by Apple Inc. and the Google Nexus 5 had had to deal with user complaints about a yellower display. Nonetheless, some analysts said that it was surprising to see this problem in a top-notch phone like the S8.

Samsung has its own display unit and is a supplier of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens like the ones used in its own device. Furthermore, it will also provide the OLED screens for Apple’s iPhone to be released this year. Industry experts have said that the red tint in the S8 could be due to several reasons. The chipset that’s attached to the OLED screen could be malfunctioning and may be the cause of the stronger red color seen in the device. In most devices, the color performance is normal and the red tint can be adjusted through the settings.


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