If You Use Solar Energy Your Neighbors Will Be Using It Soon Too

If You Use Solar Energy Your Neighbors Will Be Using It Soon Too

If You Use Solar Energy Your Neighbors Will Be Using It Soon Too

Use of solar energy and the technology that makes it possible has come a long way to become what it is today. You only heard in the past that the world will be using solar energy one day and saying goodbye to other means of producing electricity. The day has already come and solar energy consumption is increasing at much faster rates than you might have imagined. If you have researched a little about solar energy and its use in the world, you must have read about solar photovoltaic panels too. It’s those panels that you must have seen on the rooftops of some homes in your area.

SolarCity is the biggest company in the US when it comes to the installation of solar panels. They recently did a research and study on the spreading of solar energy and found the results that were previously found by Journal of Economic Geography. What is it that they both discovered about solar energy in their studies? The big takeaway from both the studies was that installation of solar photovoltaic panels was a contagious activity. If you install these panels in your home today, your neighbors are more likely to install them soon.

Furthermore, they also shed light on the fact that the installation of solar panels was spreading at equal speeds in all the different types of communities i.e. it’s not just the wealthy households installing them. Suppliers of electric power in different countries are now worried about the spread of solar energy. Solar panels spread faster when at least one household in your area gets them. Once they get them, others talk to these people and get to know more about solar panels and how they work. This education makes more people buy solar panels.

SolarCity is a great example of solar panels spreading this way. One-third of the customers they get are references from their neighbors. While it has always remained a challenge for solar panel companies to find new customers, the contagiousness effect is playing a huge role for them. Solar power is becoming common not only in the US but other countries of the world too. Just in 2015 the US pulled more energy using the solar power than it did using gas. Konya Kizoren Solar Power Plant in Turkey is going to be a game changer for the country with a capacity of 22.5 megawatts.

United Kingdom is already putting in its best efforts to get rid of using coal for energy by 2025. It is therefore one of the most lucrative regions for solar power companies. Just recently, UK made use of 29 gigawatts of power through solar power and only 21 gigawatts using coal. There are many other countries in the world that have started their solar power projects. There is some really interesting and informative content available on https://eventere.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/solar-power-is-contagious-all-over-the-world/ about countries running solar power projects and saying goodbye to coal energy. You can now safely say that near future belongs to solar power.


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