Carve a Fortune-Making Niche on Amazon

Carve a Fortune-Making Niche on Amazon

Carve a Fortune-Making Niche on Amazon

There are millions of keywords derived in the results of the search engine tool for Amazon. This tool is necessary for any seller who seriously wants to move their product. The keywords come directly from the potential buyers who are looking for very particular items.

With such tools, a seller can know how big the market for his or her product is. All the websites of Amazon are searchable for the various countries. These are big markets for which any seller should be on top of. Outside the United States, there is also Canada, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

As big and insatiable as the market is, sellers find themselves in cut-throat competition for current products. Therefore, sellers engage in assessing which products have been bought in the recent past en mass. It is a way of predicting the market and also viewing the competition. Another tool in the toolset is used for this.

Understanding how Amazon is configured in depth is necessary to engage the right market. Fortunately, the market has been indexed by Amazon and thoroughly reverse-engineered by the search tool maker. The indexed keywords are made available by these tools in relation to the product identifier known as ASIN number.

The usefulness of the keyword tool is undeniable for sales. It is indispensable because it reverses the search for ASINs by browsers on Amazon. It goes full-circle when the seller researches the ASIN with the most sales and searches which keywords are used against it. There are always gaps in the market and they become clear as day with the help of the tools.

To get the keyword inspector, a purchase of credits is necessary for every refresh of the keywords. A monthly subscription is also available, which saves money in the long run. A subscription is convenient to always have the updated keywords in the search results.

The many pages of results for keywords can be rather overwhelming as hundreds of unexpected keywords are displayed. Most sellers tend to specialise working with the first 3 pages of results. They aim to clear their inventory of product. They may only diversify if there is an apparent great need for a highly searched keyword.

Ideally, that is how fortunes are made from Amazon; combing through for nuggets in the search results. The assisting product research tool is however not yet available outside the US. They may be used with the hope of a similar global trend. Thus, the Keyword Inspector works hand-in-hand with the Keyword Inspectors’ Research Tool.

It’s easy to visualize the daily search volumes per product as they are presented in graphs. Further tools show historical rise and fall of a product’s search volume. This is used in combination with data-points of the volumes actually sold. It’s amazing that one can get those results in seconds.

The summary of the tools available are:

  • Keyword Inspector
  • Keyword Inspector’s Product Research Tool(KIPRT)
  • Keyword Trends Tool
  • Indexation Tester

The indexation tester is a final add-on that checks that all the keywords in a product listing actually yield results when searched.


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