Get the List of Top 5 Cyber Security Trends of 2017
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Get the List of Top 5 Cyber Security Trends of 2017

Get the List of Top 5 Cyber Security Trends of 2017

When it comes to the cyber security, then there is no guarantee to your data of whether it is 100% secure or not. The Internet threat was booming last year, and still going strong this year in counting. The landscape shifted slightly, but this year, there have been some new trends being surfacing up.

There has not been a complete shift in the trends, but some of the older ones are still coming along. Here is the list of the cyber security trends in the year 2017 – have a look!

  • Open Nature of Internet of Things (IoT)

Billions of devices are getting connected to corporate networks with the help of Internet of Things. But maximum of them remains insecure. The devices like Smart Lighting, Home Monitoring and more available with Dealslands are notable among the gadgets which are responsible for keeping your house secure.

This would enhance the number of hackers for this mechanism. In addition to DDoS attacks with the help of IoT devices, it is very likely for the cyber criminals that they would try to replicate their success against other IoT systems as well.

  • Political Hacking is more Prevalent

Neighboring nations have been increasingly attacking other nations with cyber espionage. Sometimes, these don’t remain confined to the nation but also become industrial espionage as well. There are many political minded hacktivists and practitioners as well who are supporting these advancements and agendas so that they can accomplish their motto.

An example of this includes the acting state sponsors who use the stolen materials so that they can propagate the wrong information, sow the seeds of discord or spread false propagandas for their shitty political goals.

  • The Changing Nature of Ransom-ware

As more and more data and information are being included and accessed by the mobile devices, ransom wares are becoming popular among the cyber criminals. This has become a lucrative exploit to encrypt the contents and recover it to its owner when the ransom is being paid, generally regarding bit coins.

The cyber criminals are using some new techniques like phishing their targets from a look alike legitimate mailing accounts. The targets for these emails are often the authoritative positions in various organizations, and there is a high probability that they would end up spending a fortune so that they can protect their personal or any other important and crucial details.

  • Mobile Threats Prevail Everywhere

It is estimated that 4% of the mobile devices are getting infected with the worms and malware, while half of them are exposed to this threat.

As more and more corporate employees are accessing the corporate data via their mobile devices, they are becoming the easy targets for the bad guys of 2017.

  • Insider Threat i.e. Malicious Insider

Malicious Insiders have not limited themselves just to banking and other financial institutions alone. Employees hailing from different sectors try to leverage their access to the Personal Identification Information (PII) so that they meet their performance goals and deadlines as well. To cipher such a situation, the companies are providing with the Cloud Based Security Systems.

The ease of installation and maintenance of the cloud based security systems will make it as one of the top and best security trends in the year of 2017.

It’s all about the Endpoint

As you are preparing for the break of madness in the holidays of 2017, it is advisable to keep this sheet handy. As 2017 is nearing to its climax, it is going to be nothing but tougher to tackle and navigate through the cyber security ocean.


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