Some of the Best Electric Lighters You Should Consider

Some of the Best Electric Lighters You Should Consider

Some of the Best Electric Lighters You Should Consider

You can save on plastic and butane waste by finding the best electric lighter. The problem with disposable lighters is that they are bad for the planet and you are going to grow tired of replacing them. If you smoke on a regular basis, you are going to go through countless disposable lighters. You can find a plethora of electric lighters, which can be recharged and used over and over again. Most of these lighters work by using an arc of electricity for lighting your joint, bowl, cigarette or whatever else you need. In the long run, an electric rechargeable writer can end up saving you money.

Here are some of the best electric lighters you can buy:

DS Link Electronic Pulse Lighter

This is one of the oldest electric lighters available and constant improvements have been made to ensure it becomes an excellent product. This single arc lighter is great for lighting blunts, joints and bowls without having to use a butane lighter. The lighter is very sleek as it is available in block with a gold trim. It is quite easy to tell that this solid electric lighter is well-made. You don’t have to fill it with any liquid or gas; all you have to do is plug it in and it will work nonstop for a couple of hours.

Black Flippo Double Arc Lighter

Most electric lighters boast similar designs and will probably have one or two arcs. This is one of the top double arc lighters and can be found in some really cool colors. An ‘X’ is created on the lighter with the two arcs, which makes it quite easy to light up fatter blunts and joints. Once you charge the lighter, it will be able to work for up to 150 times. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Break the mould with this black double arc USB charged Flippo styled plasma laser lighters. You can buy this electric lighter at

Telsa Coil Lighters USB Lighter

The USB lighters are some of the best products of Telsa Coil. This electric lighter has one arc for lighting whatever it is that you want. While it is excellent for lighting blunts and joints, you can also use this lighter for lighting a bowl of herb. It is often deemed to be one of the best electric lighters available because it is easy to use and very basic. A USB cable is available with the rechargeable lighter and one full charge can last for about 100 to 300 uses.

Bolt USB Lighter

Do you want to kick the butane habit? This is just another USB lighter that will help you do exactly that as it is a flameless lighter. The BOLT lighter uses the power of electricity and can last for about a week, which is quite standard. It is available with a carrying case to keep it safe and protected and you can even light a cigarette in the middle of a tornado. Moreover, this electric lighter is also well-priced, which makes it a good investment.


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