The Undisputed Benefits of Riding an e-Bike

The Undisputed Benefits of Riding an e-Bike

The Undisputed Benefits of Riding an e-Bike

Sick of spending hours filled with frustration in car traffic? Why not get an electric bike to commute to and from work and for basic transportation needs?

Here are some of the advantages of riding an electric bike, and why you should get one.

Your fitness level will improve

Yes, electric bikes are motor operated, but they have proven to improve fitness levels and decrease health risks associated with leading a sedentary life and being overweight. Riding an electric bike will help improve your balance, strengthen your muscles and most of all reduce all the stress from spending hours in annoying traffic jams.

There is such a wide variety of bikes to choose from

Like normal bicycles and like motorcycles, there are various different types of electric bikes. You can pick the one which will suit your needs best. There are cargo bikes, mountain, trail and various other types of e-bikes.

Plus, you also get to choose whether you want a faster and more powerful electric bike or get a simpler one too. The types of motors and batteries used are different, so you can pick one in accordance with your personal preferences.

They are not as expensive as they seem

Yes, there are high-end electric bikes, but the price range varies quite a bit, so you get to pick among the many different models and classes of bikes which fit into your budget as well.

The fact is – the electric bike will save you money

You will need to make an initial investment by buying the e-bike itself, but after that very little cost is incurred for its maintenance, repair, re-charging, insurance, parking, and registration.

The fact is, maintaining a car is a much more expensive endeavor, and filling the gas tank is definitely more expensive than charging your electric bike by simply plugging it into the grid. The electricity used for charging them is minimal and nearly close to free.

Also, you don’t need to pay insurance, and very rarely is there a parking fee for electric bikes and scooters.

You can make your own DIY bike

Get a DIY kit and turn your own bicycle into an electric bike. There are some amazing homemade bikes out there, so you can create your own personalized one yourself, particularly if you are handy enough.

You won’t get to work smelly, exhausted and sweaty

If you cycle to work, you may find it challenging to get there looking impeccable, clean and non-sweaty, especially if you work far from home. Thanks to your electric bike you can effortlessly reach your work without a drop of sweat on your brow and may only need to freshen up for a couple of minutes when you get there instead of having to shower.

It is still considered an exercise

Even though it is not like riding a regular bicycle, riding an e-bike also requires some pedaling for the pedal assist, so you can be sure that you are being active and that the ride is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Not to mention that if you are used to driving a car and lead a sedentary lifestyle, once you start riding an electric bike, you will lose weight, get into shape and improve your fitness level and stamina immensely.

Electric bikes are eco-friendly

You can rest assured that you are making a big step toward decreasing your carbon footprint once you start riding an electric bike instead of a car. There are no harmful emissions at all, which is great both for you and for the environment as you ride your electric bike. Also, electric bikes have less non-sustainable parts than cars.

You can enjoy the beauty of the settings and socialize more

When you ride your bike which is less stressful than needing to crawl through the traffic, especially in crowded urban areas, you will find more time to enjoy the settings around you. You can stop to talk to people you meet on the way and can feel the fresh air as you move around with your electric bike.

You will probably get to work faster

Electric bikes are obviously not as fast as cars, but if you commute in heavy traffic, you are more likely to achieve a higher speed with your e-bike than with a car. In addition, you can easily pass in between the cars stuck in traffic jams and can always take a shortcut where cars are not allowed or cannot pass.

This means that you will get to work or to wherever you are going fast and with much less stress than usual once you start riding your electric bike.

No more dreaded parking

You won’t have to go around the block or parking lot to find a place to park anymore. You can leave your electric bike pretty much anywhere or simply take it with you to your office or elsewhere. So you will a lot of time, stress and money for parking as well.

Much better efficiency

If you are passionate about efficiency when it comes to money, time and energy use, then riding an electric bike rather than a car for most or all of your chores will definitely boost your efficiency. Your spending will decrease, you will save time for commuting, and you will still get to work or wherever you are going quite effortlessly with one of these wonderful bikes with electric motors.

It is a great alternative for people who can’t ride normal bicycles

If you have some sort of injury or health condition which impairs you from cycling, you can choose to ride an electric bike as an easier and safer alternative. The bike will get you up those hills without putting stress on your body and you will be able to reach from point A to point B much faster and easier than with a traditional bicycle.

In conclusion

There are so many reasons why you should get an electric bike and start using it for commuting or for running your chores, or just for fun.

Why not lead a more environmentally friendly, less expensive and healthier life by limiting the time you spend driving a car and hop on your electric bike instead.


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