How Today’s Moms Can Make Money Blogging

How Today’s Moms Can Make Money Blogging

How Today’s Moms Can Make Money Blogging

Are you a stay at home mom who doesn’t want to go back to work? Are you wondering about how to make ends meet or contribute to the family income? One of the true wonders of the internet is that it allows people with low start-up capital, little time and minimal experience for setting up a business that would be impossible to do in the offline world. Likewise, stay at home moms can also make money blogging. Blogging has become more than a hobby to people these days. It is an excellent way to make an income from the comforts of your home while still being able to pay attention to your kids and setting your own hours.

Stay at home moms are considered highly good candidates for running a success business online. This is because they not only have the creativity and passion for doing so, but are also familiar with the concept of delegation and possess huge levels of discipline. Most importantly, they know how to manage time efficiently. There is no denying that every mother has the abilities and qualities that can make them successful bloggers, but that doesn’t mean that they can actually make it work. Distinguishing between the two is essential. Can you do the following?

  • Dedicate a specific time to the blog daily.

Good bloggers have to be consistent in their efforts. Does your lifestyle gives you room to allocate a specific time to the business daily? It can be half an hour before bed or during the kids’ naptime. You should read others’ blogs and stories to learn writing well. Read this story for instance: Between Antique Swedish Chairs I went.

  • Handle failure.

A huge part of being in business is your ability to deal with failure. Are you mentally tough enough to handle failure, pick up the pieces and start all over again?

  • Generate concepts and implement them.

Do you have the creativity of generating concepts and ideas and then have the courage and stability to see them through without getting distracted or focusing on other areas?

  • Reinvest some of the money you make.

This is one of the most important points as you have to be able to reinvest about 20% to 40% of your earnings back into the business because it can make the difference between a failure, a moderately successful and a hugely successful business.

If you can do the aforementioned things, then you are good to go on the blogging front. When you enter the setting up stage, bear in mind that your blog topic should be related to your passions and interests and not just a trend that eventually dies out. You are looking for a long-term venture rather than something temporary. It doesn’t take you longer than a few hours to get your blog up and running. Now comes the money making part. There is an exhaustive list of the ways moms can make money through blogging, but the most efficient and time saving ones are mentioned below:

1.      Product Review Sites and Blogs

This is an excellent way to build up an income over weeks, months and years. Basically, you are setting up a blog that’s focused on reviewing a type of product in a particular category. For instance, if you know a lot about shoes, you can start a shoes review site where you look at the different shoes and review them based on features like materials, look and feel, comfort, materials and price range amongst others. How does this make you money?

After a while, your posts will begin to be indexed by Google and you will get visitors who show an interest in reading your reviews. As your posts are reviewing products, your visitors already have a buying mindset and this allows you to make money with:

  • com Links and Stores

You will get a commission from Amazon for every visitor you send who purchases something, even it wasn’t the product you sent them to. When you review a pair of shoes, you can provide the Amazon link in your post. If the visitor purchases a handbag instead of the shoes, you still get a commission.

  • Adsense

This works really well on product sites. Highly relevant Adsense ads can be placed at the top and bottom of the product review and they will pay substantially every time they are clicked. This can equate to hundreds of dollars, especially if you write a lot of reviews.

  • Advertising

If your review blog gets big enough, you can attract big advertisers who can pay huge sums for placing a tiny ad on your blog.

2.      Expert Blog

An expert blog is one where you are writing about a specific topic in which you specialize. These can be regular and common topics, but the difference is that you are giving them your own spin. For instance, you can choose to write on cooking and discuss your personal experiences in the kitchen as a stay at home mom. There are several ways these blogs can be useful in making money and they allow you to be yourself, which means you don’t need to put in a lot of effort. Firstly, when you become an expert on a particular topic, business and companies dealing in that area may contact you to promote their products in your posts. Here’s a great example of a very fine post: Going to All Immersion Amphitheatre.

They are willing to pay hefty sums and can even offer you free samples so you can check for yourself. Secondly, you can install an email service on your blog that captures email addresses of the visitors. Growing the list of email subscribers is the primary purpose of your expert blog. You can build a community of like-minded people and you can build a trustworthy relationship. When you have a huge email list, you can use it for promoting products and services of businesses and the visitors are more likely to listen to you as they rely on your opinions.

These are some of the common ways that stay at home moms can make money blogging to pay the bills and to supplement the income for dealing with other expenses without leaving their kids unsupervised.


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