Are You a Professional Writer or A Scribbler? Time To Find It Out!

Are You a Professional Writer or A Scribbler? Time To Find It Out!

Are You a Professional Writer or A Scribbler? Time To Find It Out!

There were times when writing was associated with the likes of “Shakespeare”, “Harper-Lee”, “Cormac McCarthy”, and “Donna Tartt”. But, with the advent of digitalization—- Blogging, SEO, content marketing and selling of thesis and research papers went mainstream, and college goers have used writing as a way to earn that extra-amount of cash.

Some literature, graduates, and enthusiastic journalism significant folks have made writing their sole breadwinner. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing for professional objective, or you have an inner urge to juggle with words and vocabulary and impress your people around with your lexicon or parlance. Everyone wants to sound like a pro.

If you happen to be one of those regular writers reading this piece, just a few small brush ups can make your thesis, blog, dissertation, or simple case studies, sound professional and economically productive.

How Professionals Differ From A Regular Scribbler?

  • The Writing Style: Express, rather than Impress

Just a small thing, try recalling those boring lectures on feudal society and medieval period of the ancient history? Hardly had they impressed students, most of them were busy in their daydreams. On the contrary, recall the writings of Shakespeare, the ballads of Romeo & Juliet, the “Tragedy of Macbeth.” The reason why students and readers were engaged was expression and connectivity.

As a writer, you have to awaken that connectivity for your blog to influence and impress the audience. A professional writer will act as if the reader is sitting next to him/her and questioning the literature. While writing the paper, just stress upon engaging the person who is reading the research papers or your blogs.

Why would someone wish to buy research papers from you, until and unless they fail to leave an imprint on the head? Professional writers engage readers through the use of “second-person” in the speech “You”, the core of engagement and creator of a productive atmosphere for the reader. If you are a professional writer, you will do this? Won’t you? Professional writers do their write-ups this way: A stark difference between these two sentences. Where, one is opinionated, and the other one, interrogative!

  • A Professional Design: Inverted Pyramid, Anecdotal or Featuristic

How would you feel if someone would give you a business call at 12 o’clock in the midnight? Sounds more or less unprofessional, isn’t it? Think in the same manner, your blog or story just flowing with words and vocabulary without a design.

Professionals never do that. They have kept a specific framework in mind before drafting even a single word on paper or the computer. Particular styles like “Inverted Pyramid” where the blog or content is broken into 5 W’s and 1 H happen.

Who, where, what, when, why & how or 5 W’s’ & 1H will engage the audience. Whereas, in the anecdotal content, professional writers will have a different sharpness in their writing with an opening substantive story leading to the main idea for the story or blog. These are small things, but they indeed demonstrate stark differences between a scribbler and a Pro.

  • Inquisitiveness and Revelation: The Magic Mantra

Most of the writers, bloggers or scribblers do not want to reveal their identity. They are more into “Ghost-Writing”. At the start of this blog, I had quoted few names, and you know them because they had the desire to be known. They had the confidence and belief that their drama, play, story, book, and the poem will impress the reader.

A professional writer will be confident of the idea and the efforts he/she puts into weaving the blogs, stories, book, and journals. When you, as a writer, want to create your identity and want a long queue of subscribers or buyers for your researches and thesis, the first milestone would be to market your identity. “Author-Bio” “By-Lines” “Credentials” are few synonyms that describe a professional writer. One should always push to have them on their writing journey.

Once you keep these small things in mind, as a writer, you will grow and flourish. In case, if you are into research, people would prefer to buy your thesis and research, as you are in their mind and thoughts.